Saturday, February 26, 2011

Race on Campus by Lanisha Moore

        Race and Ethnicity in the United States has been a huge debate for years. The subject is sensitive and is capable of resulting in controversy, protest, and even violence. Race is considered to describe groups with obvious different physical features, example being Caucasians and African Americans. Ethnicity usually considers the persons national origin or distinctive cultural patterns, example being Puerto Rican rathered than being categorized as Hispanic. The sociological perspective of  functionalists consider prejudice and discrimination based on race and ethnicity has positive functions for dominant groups. Interactionists social perspective concludes that everyday interaction between people of different racial and ethnic backgrounds contributes to tolerance or hostility. The issues surrounding the definitions and different emphasis from functionalists, and Interactionists has sparked huge debates on issues including discrimination in the work place, educational institutions and in the community.


         West Chester University students sparked huge debates and even received media attention following a flyer posted on campus to organize a "White Student Union". A mass e-mail was distributed to students denouncing any existence of any such union. The statements in the above video and beneath news article ponders questions such as, " Is it right for the school to have a Black Student Union but not a White Student Union" and  "Which if either Race is being under represented or appreciated". Race and Ethnicity will always continue to have huge effects on American Society. In some aspect this debate coincide with the debate surrounding "The Little Rock Nine" and other race in school debates. While some people will never admit to whether or not racism still exist, statistics show inequality, prejudice and discrimination still exist among different racial and ethnic groups. Most notably in fields surrounding education, social and economic status just to name a few.

       In Conclusion, I have no set response on West Chester University allowing a White Student Union. I will say everyone deserves a voice and has the right to such as long as it is respectful and intelligent. It should be done for a good cause not only out of spite or jealousy.


  1. Lanisha, I totally agree that Race is a very sensitive subject. I also agree that everyone deserves a voice and they should have the right to such as long as it is respectful and intelligent. It seems that people naturally gravitate towards those who are like them. Whether it be people of the same race, religion, political views or even social standing there are tendencies to congregate together and exclude those who look, think, and act differently. For example, in early America immigrants settled in mostly segregated ghettos. Not segregated by law or hatred mind you, but by language and customs and heritage. The Germans, Irish, Italians, Russians, etc., all seemed to stick together. In today's society, I think it is key for people to respect one another and respect our differences. It is also important to learn about one another so we can understand each other as opposed to just tolerating everybody.

  2. Frank makes a very good point of how people gravitate towards other like them. I also agree with you Lanisha on how a white union woldnt be a bad idea if they were truly sincere about helping others in West Chester. Race is a very touchy subject that makes people black or white feel a certain away about discussing it. But for those who do attack the subject do it in respectful and intelligent ways.
    The students inteviewed in the video black or white didnt care about the acceptance of a new union even white. But its the way those white students tried to get the union or even race discussed on campus. They did ti by trying to belittle the black union already on campus. If they really wanted to get heard why didnt they attend the meeting and try to make it a muliticultural union like one student stated.

  3. yes, i never thought about that, if the white students arent feeling appreciated then why not fight for inclusion, instead of keeping things segregated, and if either of you read my link the guy was ignorant enough to say how come blacks can get together and discuss slavery but whites can not get together and discuss western civilizations great acheivements, I honestly doubt thats what student unions get together and talk about. Thanx for the comments

  4. Lanisha i totally agree that everybody does have a voice and if one race is not being heard then they should do the honors and take action and get involved so i think a white student union would be a good idea without disrespecting other races while they are in that union

  5. I totally agree with everything every last one of you said. I believe we as a class should raise awareness of this situation on campus. Everyone does have a voice and no one should feel that they have to deal with the disrespect.