Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Worship of Pop Artist (a social norm)

By Sa'ood Abdul-Basit

A social norm basically consist of a common practiced behavior among a majority of individuals who belong to a group.  Social norms are not hard to find or recognize, in fact  you  are probably doing a few social norms as you read my post.

(for more information read the Wiki article on Norms,)

I'd like to give you a analysis of  the Social norm stated in the title.

   The Worship of  Pop Artist 

I'll start off by saying this has "NOTHING" to do with crazy Illuminati theories about the music artist themselves, this is all about the fans.

Regardless of your taste, or style, most of us listen to at least some form of music.  but for many who are deep into the pop music cultures, they seem to view music different than others. Perhaps Music to them is more like a practiced religion or faith,   Their devotion to music impact all types of social norms for them,  from the way they think, speak, dress etc.

 Devotion to the Artist

Have you ever told a friend or acquittance that you do not like a music artist that they on the other hand obsess over? , did they oust you afterwards?.   perhaps its more like they unknowingly follow the artist like members of a  cult, and anyone who does not "believe as they do is deemed  a heretic(non believer), or hater which is widely used in today's dialogue. I myself have been shunned for not agreeing the same with my peers on popular music artist, this could be a hint to how we are encouraged to partake in norms.

Lets say, if your a 12 year old girl who attends a new  public school in a urban or suburban area, and your trying to fit in socially.  Probably the last thing you would say to engage a crowd of other girls is, "Hey guys I'm new here! and btw I do not like Justin Beiber" (Even it was the truth for you)

So far as 12 year old boys? maybe a bit difficult to give a exact artist for their example, regardless of who,  it probably  has to be a rapper,  I'd say lil Wayne. I think I'll write this example in a even more comedic approach"

"Are you the average teenage boy trying to fit in at your school?  want to feel like you got status?  wealth?  and girls? well now you can!!  just pop in the latest Lil Wayne mix tape and your state of mind will change within the first weeks of listening!!!"   

Ironically, some of us hardly know  the content or meaning to some rap lyrics, but still if the artist is whats hot,  many will say "That artist is the Truth". Interesting, the artist is viewed of so much high status that even when we cant interpret what their words mean, they still are correct regardless?  well Isn't that how some people feel about the words of God?

Praising, even at home

When people like to show how much they adore a artist,  some will go to the extreme of collecting all merchandise related to the music star, even decorating their own living spaces with the what they purchased.
Question is, is this the room of a "biggest fan" or more like a Shrine?

Lyric Quoting 

It is common for those who are familiar with pages from their religious text to quote the readings if it relates to a current situation in life.  but from what I observed is many people who are pop music enthusiast will relate their current status to a lyric from one of their favorite artist

Of course for some, music is by no means a faith to us, it will remain just a feel good activity, pass time or life motivating. Still I believe that based on statistics, we are overwhelmed by too many crazed music fanatics  to not recognize that worshiping Music Stars like "Deities" is indeed a informal Social Norm In our society.
                                            (Kanye West, POWER)

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  1. I do not know a lot about rap but what I heard I could not understand the lyrics I agree with you that music is not a faith to us that it is good entertament for us to listen to and that it is a social norm