Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Men Raising Kids!!!!!! I take my hat off to you Ladies

It is hard to raise kids period as a man it seems harder because alot of men don't have the multi tasking skills of a woman, some may disagree but its proven. This is not a down play on men just my opinion as a man raising kids. Its a rewarding job but in doing, running a business, and school and being a husband it can get very taxing. I was talking to a few people who say they don't want kids because there freedom will be lost, i said to them it is a sacrifice that some parents make and to be honest i still have a life and have freedom . Some people are a little selfish and don't know what they are missing, but back to the point I take my hat off to women who have been doing this since the beginning of time, most men will never know the true sacrifices that you make in raising kids and maintaining a house. I understand now what it is and will never take these things for granted again. How many of you know what it's like?

By Devin Barnes

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Roles By:Shatara Shinholster

What is male? What is female? Your answers to these questions may depend on the types of gender roles you were exposed to as a child. Gender roles can be defined as the behaviors and attitudes expected of male and female members of a society by that society. Gender roles vary. Different cultures impose different expectations upon the men and women who live in that culture. The United States has experienced tremendous upheaval and revising of its traditional gender roles in the last generation. These changes in gender roles affect the home, the workplace, and the school, and they affect all Americans to some degree. Traditionally, the female stereotypic role is to marry and have children. She is also to put her family's welfare before her own. Be loving, compassionate, caring, nurturing, sympathetic, and find time to be sexy and feel beautiful. The male stereotypic role is to be the financial provider. He is also to be assertive, competitive, independent, courageous, and career-focused, hold his emotions in check and always initiate sex. These types of stereotypes can be harmful they can stifle individual expression and creativity, as well as hinder personal and professional growth.               
                                                                                                                                                                     Even though times are changing and we’re starting to see more men being a stay at home dad and even more women in the work field there is still as huge problem. Women are paying paid less than men for doing the same exact work with the same amount of experience. But wait if both the male and female are in the work field does that mean that the home and children go unattended. The answer is no the women in today’s society are playing all the roles their getting up the morning getting the children ready making breakfast all while preparing for work then going to work coming back home after picking up the kids helping with homework, cooking cleaning etc. More and more women are now wearing the Mr. Mom hat.

fast food, slow people

everyone loves fast food even if its not McDonald its something else. there are so many fast food places out there adjusting to the "health" conscious world now by putting calorie counts and salads on their menus. at the end of the day its not the food that makes you have bad health its the preservatives they put into it to make it have longer shelf may be fast food now but years and years of it can really slow a person down inside and out. when you eat this food on a daily basis you have a higher risk of all types of health complications. alot of things are linked to your diet. eating bad can make you obese cause diabetes, high blood pressure and these can all be serious over a long period of time.
fast food effects a lot of people but no one more than children. the fact that they are still developing and their bodies are not getting the right nutrients from this food can take a toll over time. this can cause cardiovascular disease which is the number one cause of death globally. this is from  build up of plaque and fat in your arteries so you really have to watch what you let your kids eat if you want them to live a long and healthy life. obesity is another big issue with this generations youth because most parents are always on the move trying to provide housing, clothes so they don't have time to cook everyday. so what else to turn to other than fast food they think. watch this video and think twice about watching what you eat.

this is one of many health risk being constantly fueled by the fast food industry. the main thing people can do is to start by example, bring a fruit basket in once a week to your office. suggest that at meeting instead of donuts you have something less fatty. things wont change and people wont be educated on these things unless one person tells another and puts it into effect. its one thing to know something but another to make it useful to society. people will always eat fast food that's a fact but just watching how much you eat or limiting yourself can cause a significant raise in your overall health.

Aaron Johnson

The Cafe

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Cafe
 There is a cafe down stairs from my office called The Cafe. This is an all natural place to eat that serves all organic dishes. I was very skeptical of this place for the first couple months I was in the building because I had always assumed organic food tasted bad. It wasn’t until one day when it was raining really badly and I didn’t feel like traveling for food that I decided to give it a try. Unlike McDonalds and a lot of fast food places, this place had a different vibe. The customers just seemed a lot different and a lot nicer than other places. They also seemed a lot healthier than the average Burger King regular. Not only that but the place just had a clean feel to it and the employees were friendly. Although the menu was a little pricey I decided to give it a try. I asked the employee what you would suggest for a first time customer. He told me that I should try the Veggie Chili and rice. He said it was what they were famous for and it was the perfect dish towards starting your organic experience. I did and now I am hooked. I also feel a lot healthier and since it cost so much I go only was a day but I feel great.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


    By Jonathan Lopez

      Race is a huge controversy in the united states. Everywhere we look we see different races from all over the world by just living in the United States. Even though the United States were founded by immigrants for immigrants we still have this hatred towards them. As we have more hatred towards immigrants and other races we start to form racism against another. From racism we start to make up stereotypes about other races which can range from good to bad depending what is the stereotype.

     As seen in movie, television shows, and in reality people use stereotypes all the time without even noticing. We think of stereotypes to be often true. Yet they might have some truth to them doesn't make them entirely true. The two most known stereotype are for African Americans and Asian Americans. These two bring us the most stereotypes of them all because we believe that most of the stereotypes to be true. For example all black people are good at basketball. This might be true in some cases but you can't say this for all the black people. The same goes for Asian people. One of the stereotypes for Asians is that their all good in math. This too is made off an assumption. Instead of saying they have a better education system in math in their country, they will rather go for all Asians are good in math. I have a video below about Asian stereotypes. It does have bad language so please don't be offended.

     As a nation we are going to have to get used to the fact that we are all different and need to learn that as a nation we are all the same in our little ways. The only way to stop racism and stereotypes is not just ignore it but to confront it with one another and talk other it so that we are more conforable talking about it.

Homeless Men

By: Dudlene Jean Pierre

When we think about poverty we think of  countries like Haiti , Africa , and Brazil but we wouldn't think that the united states is also a part of great poverty.A lot of families all across the states go a day without food. When I think about this I ask myself what are we doing wrong and what can we do to as a nation to make things better? .

There are shelters all around but what I have noticed is that most of them carter to females and children. Men find themselves sleeping in the streets and no type of shelter.Build shelters that cater to men and offer more assistance to men. Some people say why don't the homeless get a job but what some people don't understand is that  most of these men have serious problems that can not be addressed overnight. Some men have health issues or  a drug habit I feel that the system doesn't give this men and option so they are left to do for themselves.

 I believe that we should start changing things one day at a time, when ever we have the chance give a homeless man some help anyway that we can. Before judging someone laying in the streets try to put yourself in there shoes and try to feel   what that person is going through because nobody wants to be homeless.

Assisted Suicide

There are many individuals in this world that are in great need of help. They sometimes need medical help, other times it is financial help, and often psychological help. I have a few questions though. Why on earth would anyone want help to commit suicide? Why would anyone offer to help the process along? These people do not need help to commit suicide, but to simply overcome their problems. What if they simply need help improving their social lives? Or even help understanding themselves? It is not a good idea to encourage suicide, especially if the person isn't even sure if suicide is what they really want or need.

One person that was famous for assisted suicide is Dr. Jack Kevorkian. He would give his clients a lethal injection without thoroughly investigating their medical background. His job was to give patients the chance to inject themselves if they were terminally ill and were going to die anyway. He, however, gave the lethal injection to clients that were depressed and did not have an illness and were doomed to die (although, either way assisted suicide is wrong no matter what in my opinion). There were times when he would inject the patients himself instead of letting them do it themselves which is not suicide but homicide, and he was charged and put in jail. Below is a picture of him with a contraption he built that helped the patients inject themselves.

Another man by the name of William Melchert-Dinkel was charged for assisted suicide over the web. This man went after normal people with no illnesses. They simply were depressed and with a little help from a psychiatrist would have improved their situation. However, he made pacts with others to commit suicide under various names and would then back down. Two people that the police know about committed suicide because of him.

Assisted suicide should be illegal everywhere with no exceptions. No one under any circumstances should be encouraged to take their lives. What they really need is a psychiatrist that can help them look at themselves differently and help them understand their emotions. Assisted suicide is unethical and immoral. I am surprised it is even permitted. It should never be an option.

Keila Olmo

Hip Hop

By: Damon Allen

Over the years I notice that people that listen to hip hop music is usually stereotyped; from the way they dress, talk, and even carry themselves. after noticing this, I came with the conclusion hip hop is a subculture. In my house hold me and my family predominantly listen to hip hop, and watch television stations such as BET and MTV that mostly broadcast hip hop videos, TV series and advertisments. After finding the meaning of subculture and paying close attention to hip hop videos, advertisements and even friends and family that listen to hip hop music over the past few weeks, I notice that people that listen to hip hop, and people that are hip hop artist are different from others. People that listen and develop hip hop music usually dress more urban also they tend use more slang then others. People that listen to hip hop and develop hip hop music also are predominantly African American. Hip Hop is more then music, its a way of  life.

Let's Care More About Health Care by Victoria Solomon

How important is your health? Very important, right? If youre feeling sick or have an illness everything around you becomes harder to do. You cant keep a job. You cant go to school. You cant take care of yourself, let alone anyone else in your life.

How important is someone else's health to you? Perhaps a stranger or a homeless person? You wouldnt care as much for their health as you would your own health. That is a big problem for the United States. We dont care about the population, we are only interested in the individual, our own selves. To get better health care that may mean a tax raise. Of course we dont want that because we are too concerned with our daily lives to look far into the future to see the life changing possibilities that can come from free or even a lower costing health care system. Higher taxes means money taken away from our simple luxuries like a leisure trip to the mall or perhaps a few movie tickets. But for someone who has to go without medication, suffer from untreated illnesses or resort to extreme measures for health care it means another day to live. It means getting a chance to experience modern medicine without having to scrape up pennies to buy over the counter drugs that barely fix the problem

Other countries give their people the best health care they possibly can. I know that we are capable of providing something at least a bit better than what we have today. What are they seeing in their people that we dont see in our own? Do other countries value their citizens more and thus give them a good health care system? Do they look at their citizens as competitors. They are building up their nation strong and healthy in order to produce citizens who are in a well enough condition to compete with other countries. Whatever the reason may be, I think we should be taking a lesson from them.

The Economics of Inequality: The Values of Early Childhood (Organic Blog Post)

The Economics of Inequality
The Value of Early Childhood Education
James J. Heckman

            The fairness of education is often discussed as an ethical issue. It can also be argued that equity is a way to promote productivity and an efficient economy. James J. Heckman is an economist, and his primary focus is on the lucrative value of building equal educational chances and achievement so that the most successful way to boost the productivity of the American economy. Heckman says we need a willing and useful workforce that will compete successfully in the global economy. The potential of the people are underdeveloped which burden the economy and leaves a weak workforce.
            Equity and efficiency are usually looked as competing goals, when devising a policy one may be fear however what is fair isn’t always economically efficient. Causing a cut in the tax rate on capital gains supports economic efficiency by stimulating investment; however it is not fair because it primarily benefits those that are wealthy. Yet there are some polices that are both fair promoting both equity and economic efficiency.  The investment of early years for disadvantage children’s lives is one policy. A large amount of data has shown that the equity of education is much more than a social justice essential; it is an economic essential that has a huge impact on the nation.
Our society has limited resources. Taxpayers can and should look forward to value for their money in programs ran by the government and in their fellow citizens. Analyzing the economic value of hard work to generate human capital helps to see where it is best for citizens to invest their resources in education to achieve the goal of equalizing opportunity to construct better and long-term values for all. The proof is vivid that unfairness in the maturation of human capabilities gives negative social and economic results that can and should be prevented if there were more investments in early childhood education, focusing primarily on less fortunate children and their families.
As a replacement for the traditional models of human skill formation America should construct a more modern approach to educate the children of the twenty-first century in success. Long-term studies have been performed to examine the influence of early investment on schooling and adult outcomes. At the conclusion of the studies the analyzers found that inequality in early childhood experiences and learning will lead to an inequality in capabilities, achievements, and success in adulthood. Also that the combination of cognitive and social skills is the driver for education and life success and personality development is an important and neglected factor. Adverse effects of genetic pre-disposition, parental, and environmental cues can be navigated in a positive direction if their were more investments in early childhood education that provide better resources that can help gear both children and their parents develop proper cognitive and social skills. Lastly the analyzers found that investment in early education for disadvantage children from infancy to age 5 helps decrease the accomplishment gap, lessen the need for special education, increase healthier living, lower the crime rate, and reduce overall social costs.

Socialism??? by Johnny Perez

I currently work in a lower class area as a Sales Associate for a wireless carrier. This is something new to me, due to the economy I was laid off and forced to find a new job. Which landed me at the currnet job I have now working for a wireless carrier. I've learned and noticed something about are lower class citizens since working here. Lower class citizens are looked at as uneducated ignorant individuals. I do not agree with this, I believe not all lower class indviduals are ignorant and uneducated but majority in the area I current work in are.

Working here I've noticed that the lower class citizens whom I work around everyday are very uneducated and are being take advantage of. The wireless carrier knows that they're uneducated and so they use it to their advantage to make profit and work a successful business. At a store meeting we were told to do what ever we can to higher are rankings in sales. So now it is mandatory for us to charge the customer more then the actual price of their purchases to help are rankings. The only reason why the wireless carrier is able to get away with something like this, is because they believe that the customers in are location are not educated enough to understand that they are being over charged.

At work I sometimes become personally involve with my sales and do not over charge but at this I am endanger if loosing my job.  I think it sucks to know that a customer may really have the money for their purchase but because I am forced to add on extra charges the customer may go home disappointed and empty handed. Seeing things like this makes me wonder how many other businesses out there create extra charges and stealing money from the uneducated.

The Struggles of Distance

By: Corinne Otto

For the last 7 months, I've been interested in a guy. We have almost everything in common, and are technically considered dating. There is a big problem though, and the problem stretches 651 miles. I live here, in Philadelphia, PA, and he lives down south, in Ridgeville, South Carolina. I've never considered doing this, and never felt I had the strength to. Many people tell me "why waste your time? You can meet someone here!" "That's stupid, and isn't safe! How do you even know they're real?!" I'd like to inform everyone about how one does this. Why waste my time? Who's wasting time? If a person is happy, and doesn't mind waiting something out to be with another person, is it really considered wasting your time? Is anything safe these days? Sure the internet, especially, isn't safe to meet people on. However, if you are careful, and don't give anyone your personal information, I don't see what's wrong. I feel as long as you use your common sense -- here's hoping everyone has some -- there shouldn't be a big problem. The worst question I get is "how do you even know they're real" or "how do you know it's really them" um... I don't think people realize the people they're dating could be as fake as they think my relationship with this guy is. You never can be too sure of the person you're with. IT IS CALLED TRUST & COMMUNICATION, PEOPLE!

A person can meet someone in a bar and go home with them the same night, then tell me they "know" them. I've been talking to the same person, via texts, phone calls, email, letters, and Skype (webcam) for over 7 months, and I don't "know" him because we've never physically met. I find it ridiculous. How do you get to know someone? By talking to them, right? Don't we consider texting, phone calls, and everything I just mentioned talking? It annoys me when someone, who barely knows me to begin with, can tell me with a straight face "you're dumb, you don't know them."

There are so many people, around the world, who engage in long distance relationships. Though it IS very hard, there are ways to cope. Obviously, texting and calling each other is one way to ease the loneliness. If someone and their significant other live in different countries, those can be costly, so a downloadable, FREE, program (Skype, Oovoo, Facetime) are very helpful! You can physically see each other and hear each other's voices, etc. So it's almost like being right there with them. Personally, this helps me a lot. You can also save money to visit each other. It's definitely not impossible. If you don't believe JUST HOW MANY people do this, you should read posts from this blog, "Long Distance Stories."
You'd be surprised how many people post, from all over the world, and who are successful. There are also so many stories of people finally meeting, moving in with one another, and eventually getting married! It's incredible, and very inspiring.

If you are, or know anyone who is in a long distance relationship, know that IS possible, and IS worth it, if you're both happy. You don't have to explain it to people who refuse to understand. Your real friends will be happy that you're happy. I hope everyone has a better understanding of situations like this now!

Love An Emotion or Color? By:Michelle De'Brue

When it comes to dating, falling in love, being intimate, and/or a personal companion what color do you see? Do you think outside your own race? Does it even matter, excuse me should it even matter? Some people may find it rather uncomfortable to date outside of their race, with the fear of what others may think. If your dating anyone that you are interested in and this person intrigues you why should you care what other people think? I am well aware of criticism that people may seem to endure when dating outside of their race which is simply what I like to call " their problem not mines", referring to those who have the issue with interracial couples. Somehow I feel people miss the whole idea of love!

Love is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment, representing all of human kindness and affection!

However, myself and a few other friend's were invited to have dinner with a friend and her new companion, whom I never met prior to this dinner date, when I got there I was a little shocked to see her new "love bug" was male of a different race. I mean not shocked in a sense that "OMG no she isn't dating this Asian guy" but in a sense like "OMG look at her she done stepped outside the box"! Now sitting here during this dinner I thought to myself,as our friends casually joined us, this poor guy is about to feel fairly uncomfortable amongst us, but surely to notion it was him it was her! She started to kind of shy away a little in front of us, as if we were gonna judge her or something I guess. However, I had to remind her, act as if you would if no one weren't around! Any way my point being I understand her reactions in this public place for the first time with all of her friends, but did she stop to realize maybe how her reactions made him feel?

In todays' society,I know that people often sometimes get caught up with the mixture of feelings about interracial dating, being so use to the scandal and drama that use to based around interracial relationships. Life lesson think outside the box, except the cards you were dealt and never mind who you fall in love with or their race. In a sense segregation is simply over! Love has no color! Now that's the truth!

Differences in people

By Debbie Langford
     I attended the Gay Cabaret Program, I felt nervous and out of character.  I was nervous for one because it felt like I should not be there regardless of the reason why I was attending.  When I arrived there were not many people there and it was more females than males and everybody was laughing and having a good time.  The hostess was very funny, pretty and energetic, she made everybody feel welcome and comfortable about attending this event.  As the night progress each performer came out one by one and performed. What was so amazing about the event was that some of the performers were actually student here at the college along with their fiance's, friends, partners and even parents that attended to support them and real live drag queens performed and had a real good time doing it for the students here at community college.

     I observed how homosexuals, gays and lesbians really enjoyed being whom they chose to be and not what our western society tells them what they have to be. The drag queens were really good performers and looked incredible doing it if I may say so myself.  All in all the night was fun, entertaining and very different for me, after awhile I found myself joining in on the screaming, hollering, laughing and cheering on the students for their brilliant performance.

     I observed a bunch of individuals females and males, regardless if they were heterosexual or homosexual really relaxed lay back and having a really good time in their surroundings and just letting it all hang out.  In my opinion I may not agree with how they choose to live their lives, but it was great to watch people enjoy what they were doing. Just like in this video clip:

Eating Disorders: Bulimia

By: Clarence Parler

         There are many eating disorders that not only Americans are suffering from but nearly any place you look in the world. Anorexia, Bulimia and compulsive overeating, binge eating, just to name a few, are some of the most common problems people with eating disorders suffer from. For those unfamiliar, Bulimia (binge- purge syndrome) is a habitual disturbance in eating behavior mostly affecting young women of normal weight. It is characterized by excessive frequent intake of food followed by self induced vomiting to avoid weight gain.

          While some will look at eating disorders as merely silly or another form of extreme dieting, this in fact is a real and relevant illness. I myself may have looked at Bulimia as a silly sickness. I looked at it like people don't want to gain weight so they make sure they don't digest all the food they have consumed, and make themselves throw it up. As simple as it may sound, self induced vomiting is very simple in theory, but when you think of the reasons why people are doing it you may view things a little different.

          After doing a little bit of research, I learned that many of the women suffering from eating disorders directly attribute their illness to some form of trauma they may have suffered form. Racism, sexual abuse, poverty, sexism, emotional or physical abuse, heterosexism, class injuries, and acculturation. Eating disorders do not really vary based on race class, race, nationality, or sexuality, it can effect anyone.

          To get a little more specific, sex abuse is one of the most common trauma that women attribute the origin of their eating disorder. According to Becky W. Thompson, author of Cultural Obsession with Thinness, " results of a number of incidence studies indicate that between 1/3 to 2/3 of women who have eating problems have been abused. Binging was the most common method of coping identified by the survivors. Binging helped numb out their feelings. Eating sedated, alleviated anxiety, and combated loneliness. Food was something that they trust and was accessible whenever they needed".

          Eating disorders are not made-up conditions, they are medically recognized and treatable illnesses. It should be taken very serious and if not treated can be fatal. If you suffer from this or know someone who suffers from this, get help.


Melanie Hines- Organic Blog

So it all started in common girl talk at the nurse station. One of my coworkers found it funny that I am flustered by certain words women use. Somehow, the question came up of what I refer to Womens private parts as when speaking to my three year old daughter. Immediately all women in our huddle that has a little girl began to shout out pet names that they use with their children. Our nurse practitioner shared that she tells her daughter its called a "flower", another lady tells us its called your"poo poo". We all laughed, but when I shared with them that I refer to my daughters privates as her "pocketbook" one of the nurses stated " NOOOOO thats not a good metaphor!!!! We put things in our pocketbooks" I was immediately mortified at the point she made. At that point, one of our coworkers who,  is expecting her third girl in March chimed in a told us all "its called a VAGINA sweeties its the textbook terminology, and they have to use it someday so start now". Everything in me knows she was absolutely right, but the word vagina coming from a toddler just seems like more than a mouthful. in fact almost vulgar...... whats a mom to do???? Whats the word?

social class determines poverty

                                                    Social Class Determines Poverty

 Poverty can be defined as a system that deprives people of their security and well-being. Deprives people not only of safe water and adequate food, clothing, and shelter, but also education and healthcare. Poverty is also defined as relative to the standard of living in a society at a specific time. People live in poverty when they are denied an income sufficient for their material needs and when these circumstances exclude them from taking part in activities which are an acceptable part of daily life in that society.

    Poverty can hinder the individual by limiting their exposure to fine arts. Creating a class of people that is less cultured, and these group of people would be less motivated to end the cycle of poverty that has surrounded them. Some people can be in poverty for a very long time depending on their social status. Social status can be from the class you are born of and the race in which one is descend. I had the experienced of poverty but not extreme poverty. My mom was single parent of six with low income and was raised in the inner city. As time becomes more modernized, technology became more advanced it is still hard for individual in poverty to get out of poverty.

    There are numerous barriers that prevent one who live in poverty to stay in poverty. Classes and race work together to protect the upper classes from social mobility and to block the lower classes from too much upward mobility. Health care is also a serious issue that are faced by minority in poverty. As a result of poverty the lower one social class ,the less long one will live. Low income contribute to high disease rate of minority such as cancer stroke and diabetes.

Shana Davis