Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hip Hop

By: Damon Allen

Over the years I notice that people that listen to hip hop music is usually stereotyped; from the way they dress, talk, and even carry themselves. after noticing this, I came with the conclusion hip hop is a subculture. In my house hold me and my family predominantly listen to hip hop, and watch television stations such as BET and MTV that mostly broadcast hip hop videos, TV series and advertisments. After finding the meaning of subculture and paying close attention to hip hop videos, advertisements and even friends and family that listen to hip hop music over the past few weeks, I notice that people that listen to hip hop, and people that are hip hop artist are different from others. People that listen and develop hip hop music usually dress more urban also they tend use more slang then others. People that listen to hip hop and develop hip hop music also are predominantly African American. Hip Hop is more then music, its a way of  life.


  1. I feel that you are 100% correct in the fact that hip hop is a culture. It is very diverse as well.You have many communities within the hip hop world. Ive seen the dirty backpackers, the prepy groups, the so called conscious rappers, the underground scene etc. And for some reason you can always notice their influnce on their followers. ie slim fitting clothing, polo shirts, weird glasses etc.

  2. 100% true. I see this all the time. You also see this at school and work places as well. People tend to hang out with others that are similar to they are which makes them feel more wanted. People that listen to hip hop are seen the most on television more then people who listen to rock because there is a bigger group of people that listen to hip hop then rock. In our society people who see hip hop and don't listen to it see it as not music but as people starting to destroy society's norms. What people have to notice is that hip hop is a culture and needs to be studied more and not looked down by society.

  3. I agree, music becomes who you are. Music is so big in our society that reflects off of people such as the rappers and the artist that are performing the songs.

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