Thursday, December 1, 2011

Love An Emotion or Color? By:Michelle De'Brue

When it comes to dating, falling in love, being intimate, and/or a personal companion what color do you see? Do you think outside your own race? Does it even matter, excuse me should it even matter? Some people may find it rather uncomfortable to date outside of their race, with the fear of what others may think. If your dating anyone that you are interested in and this person intrigues you why should you care what other people think? I am well aware of criticism that people may seem to endure when dating outside of their race which is simply what I like to call " their problem not mines", referring to those who have the issue with interracial couples. Somehow I feel people miss the whole idea of love!

Love is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment, representing all of human kindness and affection!

However, myself and a few other friend's were invited to have dinner with a friend and her new companion, whom I never met prior to this dinner date, when I got there I was a little shocked to see her new "love bug" was male of a different race. I mean not shocked in a sense that "OMG no she isn't dating this Asian guy" but in a sense like "OMG look at her she done stepped outside the box"! Now sitting here during this dinner I thought to myself,as our friends casually joined us, this poor guy is about to feel fairly uncomfortable amongst us, but surely to notion it was him it was her! She started to kind of shy away a little in front of us, as if we were gonna judge her or something I guess. However, I had to remind her, act as if you would if no one weren't around! Any way my point being I understand her reactions in this public place for the first time with all of her friends, but did she stop to realize maybe how her reactions made him feel?

In todays' society,I know that people often sometimes get caught up with the mixture of feelings about interracial dating, being so use to the scandal and drama that use to based around interracial relationships. Life lesson think outside the box, except the cards you were dealt and never mind who you fall in love with or their race. In a sense segregation is simply over! Love has no color! Now that's the truth!


  1. Although I have never dated outside of my race, I find interacial couples beautiful, just a small sample from the population showing the world how we are all different, yet and still the same.I never understood why society put a image on love and relationships. I commend interacial couples for being brave enough to date whom they please, I mean how boring would the world be if we all just stuck to our own race?

  2. I agree Melanie...Thank you for your comment. Interracial couples shows a sign of confidence and contentment..

  3. When it comes to dating the colors and the races don't matter for me. I always have a argument about that with my family. They think that it is better to marry somebody from your race. People should worry about the person's education instead of his or her race. Love is the same in all the races and colors.