Thursday, December 1, 2011

Socialism??? by Johnny Perez

I currently work in a lower class area as a Sales Associate for a wireless carrier. This is something new to me, due to the economy I was laid off and forced to find a new job. Which landed me at the currnet job I have now working for a wireless carrier. I've learned and noticed something about are lower class citizens since working here. Lower class citizens are looked at as uneducated ignorant individuals. I do not agree with this, I believe not all lower class indviduals are ignorant and uneducated but majority in the area I current work in are.

Working here I've noticed that the lower class citizens whom I work around everyday are very uneducated and are being take advantage of. The wireless carrier knows that they're uneducated and so they use it to their advantage to make profit and work a successful business. At a store meeting we were told to do what ever we can to higher are rankings in sales. So now it is mandatory for us to charge the customer more then the actual price of their purchases to help are rankings. The only reason why the wireless carrier is able to get away with something like this, is because they believe that the customers in are location are not educated enough to understand that they are being over charged.

At work I sometimes become personally involve with my sales and do not over charge but at this I am endanger if loosing my job.  I think it sucks to know that a customer may really have the money for their purchase but because I am forced to add on extra charges the customer may go home disappointed and empty handed. Seeing things like this makes me wonder how many other businesses out there create extra charges and stealing money from the uneducated.


  1. Wow! This blog makes me speechless! I mean these are things you think about but to actually hear that they are really occurring is horrifying. That is so sad.
    Recently I was in a Sprint store and a woman came in raising "sand" about her insurance and how they were scheming people and her girlfriend who went online found out a different way. The associates tried to calm her and act as if they didn’t know what she was talking about. She told the manager she'd email him what she was referring to and she'd be waiting for his response. At first I was like this lady is trying to make her own rules and now I’m feeling like I want to do further investigation. This is ridiculous and sad! And it makes me so angry.
    -Shante Hall

  2. There were articles all over the news, and they're fairly recent. A perfect example of imposing charges on a client without really letting them know would be predatory lending. Essentially, a bank will give a loan to a client without making all of the stipulations to the loan clear and evident. Sometimes a lender would give money to a client knowing that they have no way of paying it off!

    Here's a little reading material for anyone in the class who'd like to know more:

  3. (What I meant to say was, "There were articles all over the news regarding this kind of business practice, and they're fairly recent. ...")

  4. shatara shinholsterDecember 8, 2011 at 10:44 PM

    Wow I thought I was the only person to have experienced such a situation in the work place. I have been employed by not one but two companies that have done the same thing. But their reasoning for the over charge as they put it is supply and demand. They try to reason with and tell their employees that this is how all busniesses operate which I hope is not entirely true. Just as you (Johnny Perez) I feel so bad when I have to turn a customer away. For example I work for a car rental company and for some stranger reason our local customers (people who live in the area and only rent on the weekends) love the new dodge charger so with my mangers knowing this around prom season they unoffically upgrading the car to premium car class when its really just a full size car.I felt so bad when I had to turn away so many parents when they didnt have the right size car reservered.