Thursday, December 1, 2011

Assisted Suicide

There are many individuals in this world that are in great need of help. They sometimes need medical help, other times it is financial help, and often psychological help. I have a few questions though. Why on earth would anyone want help to commit suicide? Why would anyone offer to help the process along? These people do not need help to commit suicide, but to simply overcome their problems. What if they simply need help improving their social lives? Or even help understanding themselves? It is not a good idea to encourage suicide, especially if the person isn't even sure if suicide is what they really want or need.

One person that was famous for assisted suicide is Dr. Jack Kevorkian. He would give his clients a lethal injection without thoroughly investigating their medical background. His job was to give patients the chance to inject themselves if they were terminally ill and were going to die anyway. He, however, gave the lethal injection to clients that were depressed and did not have an illness and were doomed to die (although, either way assisted suicide is wrong no matter what in my opinion). There were times when he would inject the patients himself instead of letting them do it themselves which is not suicide but homicide, and he was charged and put in jail. Below is a picture of him with a contraption he built that helped the patients inject themselves.

Another man by the name of William Melchert-Dinkel was charged for assisted suicide over the web. This man went after normal people with no illnesses. They simply were depressed and with a little help from a psychiatrist would have improved their situation. However, he made pacts with others to commit suicide under various names and would then back down. Two people that the police know about committed suicide because of him.

Assisted suicide should be illegal everywhere with no exceptions. No one under any circumstances should be encouraged to take their lives. What they really need is a psychiatrist that can help them look at themselves differently and help them understand their emotions. Assisted suicide is unethical and immoral. I am surprised it is even permitted. It should never be an option.

Keila Olmo

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