Thursday, December 1, 2011

Let's Care More About Health Care by Victoria Solomon

How important is your health? Very important, right? If youre feeling sick or have an illness everything around you becomes harder to do. You cant keep a job. You cant go to school. You cant take care of yourself, let alone anyone else in your life.

How important is someone else's health to you? Perhaps a stranger or a homeless person? You wouldnt care as much for their health as you would your own health. That is a big problem for the United States. We dont care about the population, we are only interested in the individual, our own selves. To get better health care that may mean a tax raise. Of course we dont want that because we are too concerned with our daily lives to look far into the future to see the life changing possibilities that can come from free or even a lower costing health care system. Higher taxes means money taken away from our simple luxuries like a leisure trip to the mall or perhaps a few movie tickets. But for someone who has to go without medication, suffer from untreated illnesses or resort to extreme measures for health care it means another day to live. It means getting a chance to experience modern medicine without having to scrape up pennies to buy over the counter drugs that barely fix the problem

Other countries give their people the best health care they possibly can. I know that we are capable of providing something at least a bit better than what we have today. What are they seeing in their people that we dont see in our own? Do other countries value their citizens more and thus give them a good health care system? Do they look at their citizens as competitors. They are building up their nation strong and healthy in order to produce citizens who are in a well enough condition to compete with other countries. Whatever the reason may be, I think we should be taking a lesson from them.

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  1. Shatara ShinholsterDecember 6, 2011 at 8:41 PM

    I totally agree with your entire agreement/statement and after watching the episode of 30 days and how hard it was to even be seen by a doctor was let alone being treated by one. And even when they were lucky enough to see a doctor they couldnt afford the bill I feel really strongly about the health care debate. I mean America was always looked as the richest country and we cant even afford to prvide every person with health care. This issue alone has made me believe that these are sad times that we live in when a person a human being life isnt worth a few extra dollars out of your pay check a month.