Thursday, December 1, 2011

Melanie Hines- Organic Blog

So it all started in common girl talk at the nurse station. One of my coworkers found it funny that I am flustered by certain words women use. Somehow, the question came up of what I refer to Womens private parts as when speaking to my three year old daughter. Immediately all women in our huddle that has a little girl began to shout out pet names that they use with their children. Our nurse practitioner shared that she tells her daughter its called a "flower", another lady tells us its called your"poo poo". We all laughed, but when I shared with them that I refer to my daughters privates as her "pocketbook" one of the nurses stated " NOOOOO thats not a good metaphor!!!! We put things in our pocketbooks" I was immediately mortified at the point she made. At that point, one of our coworkers who,  is expecting her third girl in March chimed in a told us all "its called a VAGINA sweeties its the textbook terminology, and they have to use it someday so start now". Everything in me knows she was absolutely right, but the word vagina coming from a toddler just seems like more than a mouthful. in fact almost vulgar...... whats a mom to do???? Whats the word?


  1. Shatara ShinholsterDecember 7, 2011 at 9:27 PM

    I totally feel your debate I personally dont have any children yet but to hear a child say the word vagina is a bit much. I mean I believe that the little metaphors we use when talking to children not only girls is to protect their childhood and innocence. I know its only a word but just how we associate certain colors, toys, and names with gender the same goes for certain vocabulary some words are only associated with adulthood.

  2. erich b coppersmithDecember 8, 2011 at 10:16 PM

    The scene described in Melanaie's blog is one i can easily imagine. The story is told with just enough humor as it asks us to look at some fundamental choices parents must make.
    While i think you should come up with your own terminology to get them aquaninted and comfortable, I must agree with the pocketbook metaphor not a good thing to associate with money.