Thursday, December 1, 2011

social class determines poverty

                                                    Social Class Determines Poverty

 Poverty can be defined as a system that deprives people of their security and well-being. Deprives people not only of safe water and adequate food, clothing, and shelter, but also education and healthcare. Poverty is also defined as relative to the standard of living in a society at a specific time. People live in poverty when they are denied an income sufficient for their material needs and when these circumstances exclude them from taking part in activities which are an acceptable part of daily life in that society.

    Poverty can hinder the individual by limiting their exposure to fine arts. Creating a class of people that is less cultured, and these group of people would be less motivated to end the cycle of poverty that has surrounded them. Some people can be in poverty for a very long time depending on their social status. Social status can be from the class you are born of and the race in which one is descend. I had the experienced of poverty but not extreme poverty. My mom was single parent of six with low income and was raised in the inner city. As time becomes more modernized, technology became more advanced it is still hard for individual in poverty to get out of poverty.

    There are numerous barriers that prevent one who live in poverty to stay in poverty. Classes and race work together to protect the upper classes from social mobility and to block the lower classes from too much upward mobility. Health care is also a serious issue that are faced by minority in poverty. As a result of poverty the lower one social class ,the less long one will live. Low income contribute to high disease rate of minority such as cancer stroke and diabetes.

Shana Davis


  1. Yes i agree the higher your social class is the better health care you will received. Its sad to know kids are being born and rasied to poor health care. If the giverment would prvide better free health care we wouldnt have so much deseases in the world and hungry people

  2. By Jonathan Lopez

    I also agree with you. Our society is built around a circle where the poor class has no way of bettering themselves because the higher and upper class won't allow them to do so. Our country we tend to thing that we don't have poverty here but we do and many Americans do seem to care about their own people. Our Government doesn't seem to care if the poor are hungry and have poor health care because their not in that situation. Instend of helping them our government feeds them these lies about an american dream where anyone can make it to the top. This is called "glass ceiling." This allows so many poor american to keep on try on to succeed because they can see the goal but in reality they can't because society won't let the but not having enough resources. We as a nation should get together and rewrite this so called "American dream" and make it possible for them to better themselves rather than leaving them with nothing. Give them food, place to stay, resources, and clothes to go to school.