Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crime Globalization

By: Thu Le

Most people may first think of crime as an individual's defiant behavior against the law that will result in punishment (prison, death penalty, etc). This is true, but there are many other cases of crime that deals with socialization rather than just an individual itself. Among all the people in the world of socialization, different cultures are also effected by each other through crime.

There are enormous amount of illegal international transportations from one country to another; such as drugs and other things that are yet to be discovered. One of the most popular global crime in our history and still existing today is trafficking. There are people from different cultures that would send their children to marry Americans or other countries to make money to send back home. These immigrants also causes a stress of caution and questions of what other crimes they may bring into the country.

Here is a video with four clips that talks about some studies, history, current and varieties of crimes that can give you more expansion and details about crime.

Some crime cases may be confrontational because not all crimes can be define as wrong, wanted or evil. Some crimes pushes people into a force with no option of decisions to their actions; such as stealing food for their children or defense for protection. Other crimes of attack like Pearl Harbor by Japan or our most recent is on September 11, 2001 that gave the Americans no decision but a force to fight to protect our nation. Either way, these crimes in our globalization are harmful whether it is within the state laws or internationally.


  1. I agree with your information that drug trafficking is still an issue in todays society. I recently had to write an essay about drug trafficking on the border of the United States and Mexico which I can't even imagine the many ways people would do just to bring drugs into a different country. For instance, no matter how much the United State uses our money to build a stronger security system along the border of Mexico, drug traffickers are building bridges and underground tunnels to sneak into the United State.

  2. Great great post! I agree also crime is all over the world. I do think that crime fuels the economies of countries all over. I sometimes wonder what the economy would be like if crime didn't exist.

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