Wednesday, March 23, 2011


By William Davis

  What makes a person upperclass? Is it their neighorhood, their family heritage, or is it their money? There are a lot of factors taken into concideration when answering this question. What happens is that we evaluate their socioeconomic status( SES). Your socioeconomic status  is based on four important things which are your income, wealth, occupational prestige and education. Most upperclass people have a income of about $100.000 or better. Many upperclass people also have a lot of wealth which are assets such as land, properties and stocks.  Occupational prestige is basicly rating a job based its worthiness. Upperclass people have jobs such as Doctors, Lawyers, CEOs and Architects. Basicly the better your job the better rating you will receive. Doctors have a high occupational prestige.  Last but not least we have education which plays a key role in making the other 3 factors happen. Many upperclass people spend years in school to earn their masters degree and other awards associated with higher learning. This is just some of the main requirements to be considered an upperclass citizen. Inside the upperclass world you can be placed into 3 seperate catagories which  are upper-middle, upper-lower and upper-upper. The upper-middle class are the people  who make about $100,000 a year. Professions that fall in this class are Judges, Architects and Doctors.

Thurgood Marshall was a Judge on the Supreme Court which required a great of education and  isa very prestigous occupation which is why he is concidered a member of the Upper Middle Class.

Next in rank are the upper lower class. They have jobs that have 6 or 7 figure salaries. Most of the people in this rank are high level mangers, CEOs, big business owners. Famous members of this class are Steve Jobs(CEO of Apple), Bill Gates(Chairman of Microsoft), and Russell Simmons(Media and Fashion Mogul).
All  3 of these people have large incomes over 6 figures as well as large assets. I would talk about education but both Gates and Jobs dropped out of college. At the very top we have the upper-upper class. Just like the upper- lower class, they have high level jobs, very educated, own companies and have large amounts of wealth. What sets them apart is how many generations of family have wealth. For example, Bill Gates was the first of his family to achieve wealth because he helped create Microsoft. A perfect example of an upper-upper family is the Rockefeller Family. They have had wealth passed down for the last 4 generations and have had wealth for over 100 years. The whole Rockefeller family is wealthy. John D. Rockefeller who is currently the richest man of all time, started his oil comany in 1870 which lasted 40 years. According to Forbes, John D Rockefeller's net worth was 663.4 billion dollars. His children and Grandchildren have racked up their own personal net worth by starting foundations, owning banks(Citibank) and making good stock investments. Certain members of the family have achieved well respected statuses such as a gold medal winner, governor and even Vice President.

In conclusion  to become a member of upperclass society, you have to have a high socioeconomic status which includes a large income, a great education, occupational prestige and some wealth. I think that it is sad that people in this class that worked hard in school and at their jobs are only the upper-middle class which is basicly the lowest of the upperclass while the people that got rich off an idea are the wealthest people in world and most them are not that educated. The  upper-middle class are the only ones that worked to be in the upperclass.

(Below are two videos, the first one show the top 10 richest people of all time and the other video shows the top 10 riches people today)

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