Monday, March 14, 2011

To Be or Not To Be Defiant?

By Carl Roberts

What does that word mean?

Many different meaning are derived from deviance. Some are how behavioral standards and norms are being broken by everyday people. Basically people failing to conform to socially accepted behavior and beliefs, and customs.
Deviance in today’s society is very different then how many of our parents and grand-parents perceived it.
Today’s society see's deviance as being unruly to authority or a young child being disrespectful to someone of higher stature then them. Also some crimes are signs of deviance such as grafitti by a group of young children, and many other signs of vandalism. But deviance has taken a turn for the worse since the sixties.
Deviance to them was listening to rock-n-roll and creating a hip new fad spreading peace and love.

So back then being defiant meant not wanting war with another country or listening to the Beatles. These signs of defiant behavior lead to a ban of rock-n-roll music, hippies being seen as bums and slackers with no signs of a future. The everyday working men and women seen violence as the olny option with other countries; and the devils music was corrupting the new generations soul and those who didn’t believe there beliefs and views was defiant to society.

Are these hippies being defiant by putting flowers in the soldier’s rifles? These were not signs of deviance, but enlightenment by trying to share nonviolent beliefs and love on the world. There views of love was about tryig to change the hearts of the world. One of the ways was the feel good music that the conformist seen as druggie tunes to other druggies. Later on in history many other non-violent groups were created, but none seen more defiant then these hippies.
 How could this be seen and compared to today’s society of what deviance is now and what it was then?


  1. I can agree with Carl Roberts because behavior standards are common to be broken everyday by many, such as eating red lights, graffiting on others property, litering and also killing's.
    There's always people doing negative things in society. For example there are many children out here who have no promblem disrespecting their own parents or older adults which too me is disrespectful and very rude.

  2. I can reflect on some of the things explained here...
    How i was raised, no matter how much you might dislike an older folk, you always have to have respect just the fact that they are a lot older than you. Also, I completely understand how people of older age look at our younger modern age defiant especially on how we dress. Like when you see an old lady of about age 50 wearing something that a 22yr old would, it's very funny and unusual. My culture today are still somewhat strict on most parts with wearing clothes with a lot of skin exposing. When i was younger, every time i wear a spaghetti strap shirt, my dad always made me wear a sweater over it!

  3. My grandmother is one those if you don't do it my way or if your dont listen to what I have to say then your being defiant. And to us its like really grandmom, I see nothing wrong, but in her eyes your being disrespectful and defiant. For example, if we don't go to church, then where being defiant. Because its the right thing to do if your a Christian. Not everybody is going to agree with what you think is defiant and I think some people need to realize that. It might be wrong to you but someone else it just might be good.