Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In Groups & Out Groups

By: Marianne Stokes
In Group
In groups are the students who graduate from High School.  The students that got good marks on their reports, the class president of the school, the cheer leaders, and the football players are in the In Group of students that graduate from High School.  They got good marks in their studies.  They were good in behavior from day to day existence, with accomplished goals.  This was their norm.  They get high paying jobs after graduation, and some go on to College.
Out Group
High school dropouts are the out group.  These students have a very different kind of norm.  Some of them drink booze and some take drugs.  Their marks are bad in school.  Some of them only go to school for fun.  Some of them only go to tenth grade in high school.  Dropouts do not get high paying jobs.  They are looked at as uninteresting and ignorant people.  Something should be done to make the out group an In Group.


  1. wow interesting i feel going to school in the early years of someone's life is influenced by their parents . If your parents are part of the in group you are pressured to do the same, and if your parents werent they should still motivate you. the last factor is your teacher but i enjoyed this text.

  2. I agree that the High school dropouts who are the out groups are being ignored when it come to employment. Jobs are looking for high education. Something should be done! High paying jobs are only looking for people with a high school diploma and now, without some kind of college experience you might even be ignored too.