Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cash Strapped Sudent by Corinne Otto

How many of you students are eating Ramen noodles every night because you are broke? How many of you have walked into the college bookstore feeling rich, to find you're walking out with only pennies? How many of you have little to no money, and yet you were paid yesterday? These questions are those associated with the role of a cash-strapped student. The definition of a "role" is basically a position a person plays in society, and what others think and expect of them.
When we think of colleges and universities, we imagine a prestigious atmosphere, with luxurious buildings and architecture. In some cases, students’ parents pay for this “up-scale” lifestyle, but for the most part, it’s paid for with loans. Realistically, a student in any college has less in their wallet then one would perceive. Many students work part-time jobs in order to maintain a day-to-day living. Most students are living away from home for the first time, and incur expenses that generally would have been taken care of by mommy and daddy. It’s here, in college, that a student begins the true process of being an adult, planning like an adult, and living as an adult, despite not having a lot of money.
In conclusion, a role is one that someone perceives a person to be. This blog provides clues to the role of student who struggles with day-to-day finances. I’d like to say that I am now officially a member of the club.

The first link is just a question posted on YahooAnswers and it shows a lot of (either in college, or college graduates) telling a little bit of their college life, and how it was hard for them to save their money, or how hard it was to pay for all sorts of college expenses.
The second link is a website that gievs some reasons why college students are broke. It states the problem students face, and the end result.

---Corinne Otto

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  1. Giiiiiiiirl, being financially strapped as a college student is so true! I am finding out on a daily basis that the expenses with going to school is very demanding and that i have to lean on someone for help. The help may not be needed everyday but it is needed often. I thought going to school was going to be easy but with me paying childcare for my 3yr old and buying tokens wkly IN ADDITION TO my normal parenting and household bills, I too am an official member of the club, lol
    Good Post Corinne