Friday, September 30, 2011

Our Future of Fast Food

I can already predict how the future will be.  Soon people won’t even have to step out of their houses or go out of there way for the little things. We’ll eventually have some kind of technology that when we press a button and say what we want it will materialize right in our faces. No more running out the convenient store to pick something up, or stopping at a fast food joint for a quick pick me up. Sooner or later that will be too slow for us. After all, why do that when the new way is faster. This is what our society is all about, mcdonaldization, or the increasing presence of the characteristics of a fast food restaurant in our daily life. These main characteristics include efficiency, calculability, predictability and control.

What are the great things about McDonald’s that people love? They’re fast with everything, you know exactly what’s on the menu, and they never run out things. When you go to McDonald’s you can be in and out in 5 minutes. People like the fact that everything is routine. It is all made easier for customers, you just order and you’re out the door. Due to this fact, McDonald’s gets a lot of business which gets them a lot of money. So it’s understandable that the rest of the world wants to join in on that success. I think this will be the death and birth of our society; the death of anything personal, and the birth of the new speedy future, where quantity surpasses quality.  Everything new being created is all to make things easier and faster for the customer. Workers will soon be replaced by robots that can be completely controlled and will eliminate any chance of the unexpected that usually comes with a human. Part of me likes the mcdonaldization idea especially when I’m in a rush somewhere, then rapid service comes in handy. However, I prefer the way of life that doesn’t promote laziness.  If people want books, they don’t even have to go to the bookstore anymore; they can just download onto their Nook or Kindle.  Shopping is made easy by just turning on your computer. People don’t even have to grocery shop anymore, they can call ahead of time and have an employee collect their goods for them so they can drive by and pick them up. It’s insane, but it’s smart because it brings in the business.

So, McDonaldization is growing fast and will soon shape our society into its new form. The efficient service, the quantity being served, the predictability and control, are the new dimensions or our world. This fast-food model is dominating our culture and soon we will all be adapted to this new robotic future and our past will diminish.
By: Ariel Dezio


  1. God, we are so lazy! I'm mad about those nooks and kindles. I don't know how people can read a book on a screen. Its causing book stores to go out of business which is really sad i think.

  2. Iqmat Adediran
    This is really an insight on what's going on in the world nowadays. I mean people are so lazy that they prefer to sleep at home all day doing nothing. Even some mothers are no more teaching their children how to cook and they don't care if they know how to because all they do is just feed them McDonalds and the kids are so attached to it that that's all they eat all day. Very soon all what we know of culture will be gone and the past will no more be of value cause we'll be stuck in this new age of technology where everything comes easy

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  4. Yes, one the best parts of reading for me is actually holding the book. It is really sad that technology is taking over every aspect of our world. Due to the laziness of some people, many others will be out of jobs because some robot takes their place. I can just imagine how this world will be a a decade.

  5. Wow, Thanks for your post. I love that picture of the book you posted. However, I remember when most restaurants where quality and not quantity, and the hamburgers and french fries were actually good. I also agree with your statement and think that the McDonaldization is already taking over and has formed many societies. It's a bureaucracy at its best. For example, the impersonal service you get, the rules and regulations about the food. In Addition, it is always the same menu in all the different franchises everywhere. Anyway, I miss the good old days where people, a satisfying product, and service came first, and not money, red tape, and corporate hierarchy of authority.