Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Racism, Sexism, and Ageism in America

By: Edmund Celia

        Any word that ends with i.s.m. is an illness. There are many types of these words used in America. For example, racism, sexism and ageism are usually based on hate and stereotypes and are symptoms of a malady. Theses ism(s), pronounced is-ums are diseases that center on a soul sickness. In addition, the i.s.m. could also stand for I, self, and me. These labels are all based on self-centered fear. We as a society, and also as Americans, need to take a stand against these hurtful prejudice ideals. 

           This video shows various people that are racist, sexist and ageist in some way. For example, the woman that is portraying Marilyn Monroe is a racist and a sexist. She implies that Sarah Palin would be a good Vice President, because she is a woman and she won a beauty contest. However, Obama would not make a good president, because he is black, but “she (Marilyn) is not prejudice.”  In addition, the other lady in the orange shirt is an ageist. She talks about John McCain’s age. He is seventy five, and that he running for president is a health question not an age issue. I don’t know about you, but I can read between the lines. She (the lady in the orange shirt) is concerned with his age and him being not well, because of his age. Anybody can get sick at any age. Nevertheless, it is not a concern for the other candidates.

In conclusion, we remembered September 11, 2001’s anniversary this month. There was no racism, sexism, or ageism on that day ten years ago. We all joined together as Americans after the touristic attacks in NY, DC, and PA. We should act altruist every day. It should not take a tragic event, caused by bad people, to bring out the best in most people. Thus, I agree with the African American guy in the end of the video. He says, “people should be free to be who they are” regardless of race, sex, or age.  

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