Monday, September 19, 2011

“The smile I needed”

By Olaitan Okusaga

Just this evening, I cried; the one that happens when in true pain. I’m not going to bore you with my challenges but the truth is we all have challenges. We are sometimes scared that it will never go away. I get scared, anxious, pitiful and so emotional about my challenges sometimes and at that moment, I just forget to be strong.
While I lay on my bed, in my own tears, I said to myself, ‘you tell your friends on Your Daily Quotes to be strong, you always want the best for them and you write hard to keep them inspired, why don’t you write something right now to them…just pick up your pen and let them know you are not afraid to say that sometimes you are weak and just maybe in the process you’d be strong’.
I am realising right now as I have picked up my pen to write that there is nothing wrong in breaking down or being afraid, but there is everything wrong in staying that way. No matter what we are all going through right now, as much as it is hard for me to believe and maybe hard for you to believe also, there is always and always will be a morning after dark. Our problems wont last forever so let’s not die along with them, let’s not crash in something so temporary. I believe that we will all look back one day and shed tears of fine joy because just like the popular Three Idiots Indian movie says, “All is well!”
Right now, I am in the 4th paragraph and I feel better than when I started out with the first word of this article. Do you know what? No one, I repeat, No one can truly feel it like the way you do but don’t use that as a reason to block people from trying to feel it. Allow people to be there for you. You are the wrongest person to be there for yourself when you are weak-allow people to make you laugh and forget the hurt you are temporarily passing through. There are people who truly care about you so don’t hide it all inside, it could kill you. Share it with those that care for you. I will do just that after this article.
The truth is, we are stronger, smarter and braver than whatever challenges we have. Once we realise this, the power to confront that challenge is activated. My friend, our problems will bow to us eventually. They don’t have a choice because we have a race to run, a destiny to fulfil and a purpose to accomplish. We are smart enough to convert the heat of our challenges to strength to help us run this race of life.
Hmmm…now I’m smiling.
We shall win! My friend, we shall overcome!
Again, I am smiling now and I hope you are too. I thank God I picked up my pen to write at a time it was hard for me the most. I am truly grateful and I love you guys. I know that the rest of the night will be a more relieving one for me…and for you too.
Thnx for the time to read!


  1. Very inspiring words. Through catharsis we cry out our pain. I think that it IS okay to cry no matter how hard of an exterior a person has, we all break down at some point. If you are hurt, why bottle up emotions? it's easier to cope with them by letting out all that anger. I am glad that you are happy and smiling again. Your story warmed my heart

  2. I really enjoyed reading your post. It was an encouragement to me. Just last night, I had to deal with a challenge that really hurt me and made me looked at people differently. I started shutting people out of my life and did not want to be bothered, but after reading your article I had a change of heart. I decided that just because somebody else may have hurted me does not mean, I should shut the people out who care about me and are there for me to lean on especially in my time of pain. Therefore I open myself back up and talked about and I do feel better. Thank you.