Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I live vicariously through their happiness.

By: Gabrielle Cecala 

Today wasn't such a pretty day. I've come to notice that whenever the sky is gray and cloudy ; my emotions change. The dull, melancholy atmosphere rubs off on me and I end up as miserable as a rainy day. When the sun shines I feel as if my world is lit up. I'm not necessarily saying that all my sunny days have been wonderful, but my overall attitude is more vibrant. Ever since I was younger I always dreaded rainy days. As the rain falls so do my tears. I have a lot of weight on my shoulders, i always have. When the weather is ugly I tend to get upset and dwell on things in the back of my mind. Mothers are very special people. Any female can give birth to a child ; it takes a real woman to be a mother

My mother has seizures and my brother has a form of MS. As a child I've seen my mom have seizures. I have saved her life 3 times. I treat my mom like the queen that she is. My mother raised 2 kids and did a damn good job being a single mother. I didn't live in absolute poverty, but I can say that their were days that their was nothing in the kitchen. My dad was always in my life and still is to this day. Not a day goes by that we don't talk. When ever I am at my lowest of low my dad pep talks me and restores my happiness. I adore my parents more than anyone in this world. When I get older I want to be a mother as good as my own. My mother has taught me through socialization that patience is precious. I have never had patience ; my mother has given me the hope and patience to live another day. When I am sad or lonely I like to be around my mom. It's something about a mothers love that is just the biggest blessing. Parents are truly the best gift a person can have. It feels so good to love & be loved unconditionally. I believe love is the cure for many things. A parents love and affection can definitely prevent a child from making bad choices. Young ages to adolescent years need loving parents. I would have to admit, that if I didn't feel as wanted and loved as I do, I may have turned out differently. I'd be more deviant than I am now. A strong parent builds a strong foundation for  their child. Parents bring a special kind of love that help prevent a young child from making irrational decisions.  Mutual trust between a parent and a child is important. We all make mistakes, but when we are loved unconditionally, it makes all the difference.  love can really change a persons life.  
It improves a child's demeanor and outlook on life. Love makes them feel involved, included and wanted.  

Love can change the world ; we just need more of it. 


  1. This post really touched me because I just had that crazy mood change over the last two weeks and I just couldnt figure out what the problem was all I knew,I was feeling so angry and when im angry its never good outcome.So my mom came in my room and let me talk about my feelings with that being said i can really relate to what you are saying "a parents love and affection can definitely prevent a child from making poor choices"

  2. By Olaitan Okusaga

    Gabrielle Cecala, I must say that this is an AWESOME and very thoughtful post. Your post came at the right time when I was thinking on what to write for my MUM on her BIRTHDAY. Your post has inspired me to go ahead with my plans. I give thanks to GOD everyday for kinda of mother I have, she is BEST anybody can ask for. She has always been there for me and my sister and am PROUD of her. As I used to say to my friends "All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother"!