Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Watch Your Back Mean Girls are Coming!!

By Jessica Vazquez

It was a Friday night and I had nowhere to go, so I had decided to watch a movie with my thirteen year old niece. My niece wanted to watch a movie called mean girls. I had seen the movie once before when I was in high school.  I barely remembered what the movie was about, but decided to watch it any way. I am glad I did mid way through the movie I realized I found something that related to class. The movie was your typical popular girls rule the school kind of movie.  The movie showed us how high school cliques functioned. The main character was played by Lindsay Lohan a girl named Cady. Cady was a transferred home schooled student from Africa. When she first arrived to the new school she was taken in, by what they called the outcast crowed. The two not popular students showed her the ropes of the way the school worked, and made her knowledgeable of all the different cliques the school had. They warned her to stay away from the most exclusive clique “the plastics”.  The queen bee Regina of the clique had taken notice to Cady and had invited her in. Cady then become one of them “the plastics”. One of Cadys not so popular friends had then seen an opportunity to get revenge on Regina for all the mean things she had done. So Cady and her outcast’s friends had formulated a plan “to take Regina out”. The plan had consists of Cady actual being a plastic, so she can get close to Regina and destroy her.  Cady was then living a double life. She would hang out with Regina and her friends, and soon had forgotten about her own. Cady then started having a role conflict. She had a role to play with the in crowd but it then started affecting her role as a friend with her not so popular friends.   As the movie played out you start to see the roles change in the character in which I found interesting. The queen bee and become the outcast (Regina), and the outcast (Cady) had become the queen bee. Cady transformed from an insecure girl to a confident social light. Cady then started to treat people different even her true friend. It had amazed me that because of Cady new status at the school her whole demeanor had changed. She looked at the people who had accepted her for her like they were not as important, and had started to treat them as if they were below her. Cady had achieved a status in which she felt power.  Cady liked being followed and looked up to by the other girls. Regina on the other hand was now witnessing what it felt like to get treated like a no body because of her social status at the school. It showed me how status plays an important aspect in our society, and how much it is valued.  Even in a high school a person status determines who they are and how people perceived them


  1. This is probably the best example you could have used! In the movie they name basically every clique a high school could have. As mean as the movie is, i do like it!

  2. I personally never experience the mean girl’s clique, but I’ve seen it with my two eyes in grade school. I’ve seen girls fight, cry and even tried to commit suicide because girls were so mean to each other that it confused them mentally and emotionally. I tried to keep to my self and not try to fit in with the cliques because I never really understood how people can be so mean to each other just to be accepted by other popular kids and hated by many others. Trust me I was picked on by plenty of girls because I kept to myself and hanged with a small group of friends that weren’t cool, but when it got ruff I would defend myself or tell a teacher or counselor. I don’t thinks it safe for there to be cliques but I also think it’s a learning experience because it can teach you who your real friends are and what type of people you want around you. The most important thing is to NOT be sucked in to these cliques and loose your self as an individual person.