Wednesday, October 26, 2011

21st Century Upper Class Innovator "Steve Jobs"

By: Charnise Gillis

In the United States, the upper class owns the major share of corporate and personal wealth. Only a very small few proportion of people actually constitute the upper class, but still control vast amounts of wealth and power in society.  One of the greatest innovators in the upper class of the 21st century is Steve Jobs.
Jobs and his company Apple were a world beating technological combination, with products like the IPhone, IPod, and IPad. Many believe that it was Jobs skills that set apart Apple’s products from the rest. He is perceived as one of America’s legendary business promoters. Steve jobs started his enterprise in a spare room of his parent’s home. He is known to starting the first PC that is suitable for day to day usage.
In 1986 Jobs decided to buy Pixar. He made many hits such as Toy Story and Finding Nemo while in command of Pixar. Thereafter, he sold Pixar to Disney for a substantial $7.4 Billion in Disney stock, which made him the biggest stockholder of Disney with in excess of $4.2 billion shares.
Then, Steve came back to Apple and bought out the IPod and ITunes that transformed the music business. The release of the IPhone changed cell phones that individuals use today. The publishing trends of the world also have changed since the IPhone was created. Individuals of society feel that the use of IPhones is more convient to use with its touch screen technology and advance Microsoft. Steve jobs noticeably transformed society’s way of life nowadays.
 Many analysts believe the company is well-positioned for the future, but his death still leaves many questions. The stock moved little when Jobs announced in August that he was stepping down as CEO, and it moved little after the announcement of his death on October 5, 2011.
I believe Apple products was one of the first technical devices I actually fell in love with and feel I always have to have it. It makes my scheduling and multitasking easier than any phone I have ever owned. I wonder what will happen to Apple after the death of Jobs. Apple has so much power and status over all Microsoft and cellular phone companies and I wouldn’t want to see it go to waste. I personally do not believe Apple will be the same. No one else is capable of having the skills and leadership to replace the role of the entrepreneur Steve Jobs.
What will happen to the company he created? Do you think Apple products will have the same affect on society after Steve Jobs death?

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