Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Middle Class Is Disappearing?

Has anyone thought about the social class lately? It is said that the middle-class is disappearing because now there’s really just either Lower-class, lower-middle, and Upper-class. There aren’t many that are in between, which is hard to believe. It could be that many who were middle-class lost their jobs and now work for minimum wage just to survive or going through financial issues they cannot handle. And while they are struggling to get by, many aren't able to get financial help like Welfare. According to Huffington Posts’ topic about the shrinking middle class, the poor are getting the poorer and the rich are getting richer. I knew this was happening, but I never expected that the middle class would be minimizing. But if you think about it, how every state has been trying to create drastic budgets and increasing unemployment, it’s no wonder that of the middle-class become part of the lower-class. Families have been dealing with certain struggles like college fees for their children, paying debts,  With the economy consistently going down, you don’t know what to expect. Now, you might've already know that the middle class depends on Occupy Wall Street since it could save them and other people in a different class.

There's even an article about the share of the nation's income is shrinking... The wealthy aren't affected in this. Mainly, it's the working, lower, and of course the middle class who are suffering from this. The article here focuses more on the middle class, as this partially gives explanation to the disappearing class. A man who used to be a car saleman, featured in it, used to make $90,000 a few years ago and as the economy dropped, so did his income. He ended up making $30,000 and his company was bankrupt.

"The lower share of income is a way of saying income inequality is growing in the middle," says Paul Taylor, executive vice president of the Pew Research Center, who has studied the shift. "The vast middle has less of the pie than it had before."

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  1. I never thought about it from a stand point that a wholoe class could be literally erased. But if you think about it from a common sense standpoint it does make sense that those who were wealthy would more than likely be in a far more stable situation than those who are considered middle class or even below the poverty line. That would probably validate the saying the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

  2. I think it is sad thinking about how the middle class in America is disappearing, and how America is becoming more and more like a third world country. I know it is difficult for some Americans to see it because many Americans have grown up with the idea that in America anybody that works hard can achieve all of his or her dreams. But the sad truth is that the United States is not that big country where dreams come true anymore. Today the under class is growing, the middle class is disappearing, and with it the American dream. The economic inequality in the United States is creating what Karl Marx defined as “Class Conflict,” a revolution between classes, where the rich and powerful one percent has the power and the control over the country, and the 99%, the working middle class, is fighting against a system that only helps and rewards those that are already in the top of the social class.