Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Organic by Devin Barnes

 Saturday night i was sitting with a friend eating Lorenzo's pizza parked up south street a cop put his lights on asked what we were doing as i was biting my pizza i said what does it look like i am eating he asked where do i live before asking my name, what does that matter i asked he said answer my f$#%ing question i said when you answer mines so he said license n reg you look suspicious . i gave it to him my friend said I thought this was a free country the cop said no its not!!!! My friend said last i checked we fought for our country as well as those before us for that right to freedom.. So he walks around my jeep sees the marine corps stickers asked who is a marine i replied i was he said semper fi and have a good night i said when you saw two black men you thoughtwe were criminals but now u know im a marine and he is army you change your toon that is just wrong


  1. This is just another example, of many, on how authority figures tend to abuse their position. What makes this situation so scary is the fact that it gets worse over time and does not improve. We read more about dirty cops in the papers, or even cops that abuse their power in some way or form. This is what our world has come to. We can't even trust the police to make right choices and keep their bias views in check. Sometimes, as we grow up, our parent's views tend to stick with us. Sometimes we let these views go as we see more of the world. Others carry these prejudices with them, and as some become police their views are narrow minded and are seen in the way they profile others. It's sad, but this is the real world.

    Keila Olmo

  2. It is so sad that racial profiling still exist. The color of your skin shouldn't determine where you can sit or make you a target for verbal abuse. I wish you would have gotten his badge number and name although its sad to say but nothing would have probably happened. However I am proud you stood up for your self and maintained your integrity. Thanks for sharing
    -Shante Hall

  3. This is so ridiculous. It's 2011 and even though our country has come a long way from it's dark past, so much racism and disrespect still exists. It goes in every direction and towards various groups. Stereotypes have seemed to take over our culture. It happens everyday; Hispanics all get pregnant at a young age, all African Americans are criminals, all Caucasians think less of minorities...etc. The list of these insane assumptions is outrageous. And they have no basis whatsoever. Their are plenty of successful, decent people who happen to fall in the minority group and plenty of those not in the minority groups who see us as no different than anyone else. It's this blind assumption that feeds these stereotypes. Just as morals and values are taught in the home, so are so many of the negative attitudes people have against certain groups. The type of behavior seems so primitive but I feel the more we try to act like things are all better, the worse the issue gets. Inequality exists and ignoring the blatant racial profiling and racism only masks the core issue.

    Ashley Rivera

  4. I think the way you were treated is an outrage. This is a prime example of racial profiling and discrimination. For you to experience that when all you were doing was actually eating your pizza really upsets me. To be attacked verbally or any type of way for the color of your skin is an isssue that will probably be around for the rest of our lives, sad to say. We have come a long way from slavery and segregation but racism still exist today. Something has to give.

  5. I agree with you. Some police officers really don't need a job with authority, and alot of them are racist on top of that. How they get jobs of authority isis beyond my understanding? I remember my grandfather told me ",that power corrups and absolute power corrups absolutly".