Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jobs Lost to Mc Donaldization

Mc Donald's has been a successful business because of it's effiency and predicability. Mc Donaldization is a substition of non-human technology. Behavior of the customers and workers in Mc Donald's is reduced to a series of machinelike actions. Ultimately, efficient technologies will replace much of the work that humans once perfored. Self-checkout lines in the supermarket are a prime example of this. The cashiers with their machinelike actions are being replaced with efficient non-human technologies. What other jobs can you think of that can be replaced that easy?


  1. i agree with this, it has hurt the working class people a lot in all aspects of work anything that is manufactured. At the same time it has made life more convenient, especially since we as a society are very impatient people. think of all the waiting that has been eliminated!! shopping, car production, clothes, and food. that is not that im saying i dont respect or understand the loss of jobs.

  2. I agree that human jobs are being replace with machine like actions due to Mc donaldlization. This is good for the companies, because they can spend less money on employees. But this is very bad for workers, you have to wonder if jobs are being replaced such as cashiers with self check outs and more what else would be replace. in some time I think a lot more of jobs will be be replace with machine like actions causing people to be jobless, it's ashame for us working people but a blessing for company leaders.