Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nose Pickers and Boogie Eaters

By Kevin Rogers

"You can pick your friends but you can't pick your friends nose," is a common saying in most English speaking countries and nose picking is a common habit many people have throughout the world. Most people would try not to pick their nose in public and may be embarrassed and mocked. From young ages people learn not to pick their noses and may get teased if they do and for good reason. It's disgusting. Picking your nose in public is considered deviant. It's such an odd and gross thing to do. I've even seen videos of people doing this made fun of on "Tosh.O" and other television programs.
Not only does nose picking cause some health issues like more frequent nose bleeds but it can have its benefits. Dr. Friedrich Bischinger says that nose pickers are happier, healthier, and probably more in tune with their bodies. The doctor adds that the finger can clean the nose a lot better than a handkerchief or tissue ever would. Even eating boogers can improve your immune system. Children that eat them can grow up to have stronger bodies. Booger eaters also rarely get sick, and may never gotten an ear infection or the flu. Dr. Bischinger encourages children to pick their noses because not only is it healthier but its the natural response as humans.

Since nose picking and boogie eating is healthier could this deviant act become a norm? I doubt but i think its pretty interesting.


  1. While I can't really see nose picking becoming a norm in todays society, I still found this post to be really interesting. I didn't know about alot of this until now. Great job!

  2. I agree with Jordan. This post is interesting, but I would like to know where you received your information from. I also want to know how can noes picking be healthy and how can children grow up to be stronger just by picking their nose. Hmmm makes me wonder… lol. I also enjoyed your video attachment. It made me laugh, but overall think this is an interesting topic.

  3. Kevin, Oh no you didn't! This post is so funny. Thanks for the laugh. I had to watch it twice, because I could not believe that Mr. Brown, the former prime minister of England, was so blatantly picking his nose and then sticking his finger in his mouth. Yuck!!! Anyway, I also would like to see proof of Dr. Bischinger claims about such a non-criminal, but deviant behavior like nose picking or boggy eating, and it being healthy for you. In my opinion, a person should go into the bathroom and do that, and then wash your hands when your done picking your nose. I'm surprised Mr. Brown wasn't scratching himself inappropriately. That's another non-criminal deviant behavior.

  4. Just kidding, this post really did tickle me. I guess nose picking was the norm for the former prime minster because there was no shame in his nose picking game. Great blog however I can’t agree with the "Public Nose Picking" becoming a norm. Most aren't prone to embarrassment they try their best to run far away from it. I cant see this becoming a culture more like a counter culture yes we all pick our nose in our own privacy but in public that’s just not acceptable, except in the case of Mr. Brown of course.
    -Shante Hall

  5. There are a lot of things that may be good for you but will never be accepted in American society as a norm.

    Farting is also good for you. It shows that you are processing foods and it is simply just a release of a mixture of byproducts that result form digestion. Releasing the gas always provide a very satisfying relief. It may seem disgusting because it makes a funny noise, and smells bad but it is not healthy to hold.

    My dad is not a born American and he has no problem releasing his gas anywhere in his house, at anytime, in front of whoever. He also does not mind the laughing and snickers from my siblings and I. He is however, reluctant to do it in a public place. Im sure he doesn't care about embarrassment. He probably doesn't want to be perceived as an ignorant, rude person that doesn't know that is not something you do in America.

    If you cant beat it, conform to it. Or be deviant...

  6. I don't care how many people may feel that nose picking can be breaking a norm and look at it as disgusting, but everyone has done it. Some people might pick their nose and not even really realize their doing it. Since nose picking is so common than how could society look at this as being deviant?

  7. Erich B. CoppersmithOctober 22, 2011 at 10:50 AM

    This post made me giggle. I do agree with others that the activity of public nose picking probably doesn't constitute deviant behavior it is however,considered bad form to say the least.
    Dr. Bishinger may have a point in his statements.It does make a bit of sense scientifically that the introduction of germs may build ones immune system.In terms of the other claims he makes, well I would really like to see his research and control/sample groups.
    I enjoyed reading this blog since it was a slight detour from many of the weightier topics we have posted here.

    1. First, tell us about your gay relation and how sweet your ass

  8. Wow! I thought that video was so funny. Not only did the man dig up his nose, but he ate the boogie. I find this blog to be very interesting because I never knew that nose picking was considered to be a good and healthy thing to do. When I was younger I used to pick my nose, but I also got teased for it. However it was never to the point where I would eat the boogies, thats just nasty. I thought that nose picking was jus a stage that children go through, but I guess adults are doing it too. Personally, i don't find anything wrong with nose picking, but theres a time and place for everything. If you're an adult, then thats something that shouldn't be done in the public. I know I wouldn't want to see a grown man picking his nose.

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