Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Asian Race

By: Jennifer Keo
My topic is about race.  Race is a classification of human population, being put into a more sample (smaller category) population.  they are classify into different categories by specific charactertics based on their appearances, culture, ethnically, and where they live.  There are Americans, Europeans, Asians, etc., races out in the world based on the definition of race.  People stereotype each other races' because of their misconception of the medias or their own ideas of what the race showcase or should/would be to them.  For example, people generally believe that black people are loud and rude, asian people are smart, and white people are racist or rule the world.  Not all people think this, but there are those who do, however the fact of the matter is, not all of these people within these races are any of what some people think of.  Another example, is when a person wears a glasses, people think that they are automatically smart and they should copy their homework or test from them.  Right now my topic is going to be of one race, and that will be the Asians because I'm asian and in my opinion I'm pretty good and understanding the diversity of the Asian culture. 

My topic is based on my experience and others I know who have experience the same and different stereotypical comments when people associate food and asian people.  I thought of this when my mom asked me to help her make egg rolls, knowing full well that I hate them.  When I told her for the 100th time I don't eat egg rolls, she roll her eyes and said that your not asian if you don't like egg rolls, and so on like a good mother would.  By the way, I had to go eat at McDanolds that day because my mother said she won't be making anything else, so starve (lovely).  As I was helping her make the egg rolls I wondered to myself, where in the world did she came up with that concept that every asian person loves egg rolls (like herself).  

 Soon I realizes that many people even outside the asian culture have once in their lives heard of egg rolls and assume that every asian person likes to eat them.  Whenever there are parties for anything like school's the teachers will always ask us to make egg rolls for the party, never spaghetti or rice and beans.  Generally that's what people think, and come to accept that as a fact.  later that day I was complianing to my non-asian friends and their reactions was shock.  Surprise!!  They asked me, why in the world I don't and am I not asian.  For two seconds that made me questioned that as well, but then I realize that I am my own individual and I don't have to live to everyone's else assumption or expectation because of my race.

I now recogize that people will assume certain things "to be the way" based on what they believe or see to be the way things are perceived.  In conclusion, my topic was referring to how people expect certain things from people because of their race.  This can be true for other reasons, like for people who graduated high school or didn't.  People will assume people who graduate will succeed in life, rather than those who didn't graduate.


  1. This blog is hilarious! I loveeeee it because sadly people do assume that because you are of a certain race, you eat the foods MOSTLY associated with that race. But girl let me tell you, yes i am black (im actually of mixed race: german, native american and african american) but I absolutely HATE spaghetti, lasagna and pizza!!! I think it has more to do with the tomato sauce but the thought of me eating any of those things makes me cringe, face frowned-up and all!! As a child I have memories of my aunts (my mom already knew i didnt like it) forcing me to eat it not understanding how a child didnt like it, almost like I was abnormal or something.
    I had a friend of mine say to me once, why do u eat cheese steaks, cheeseburgers or chicken wings plain?? My response was contrary to popular belief every black person does not like salt, pepper, ketchup, hot sauce on their food and heck no I dont drink Welch's grape sodas either!! His was reply was: o yes they do!!!!!!! LOL
    Yes people do assume that certain foods in their culture should and are enjoyed by all in that culture but as you pointed out, its simply not true.

  2. Omg, finally someone who sees where I'm comming from with this. Some people would even question you being this or that race just because you don't like everything that they like or assume that is what everyone in their race like. I tell people I don't eat egg rolls and people not only in my race, but others give me this face of bizarre or disbelief because I'm different in a little way.

  3. Yes Jennifer, I totally understand. I hope before this class ends more people comment on this blog. I think it would be interesting to see just how many people DONT like foods that supposedly were introduced thru their culture.