Sunday, October 23, 2011

To Dread or Not To Dread......Is It REALLY a Question by Jaime Green

As u can see, my moms dreadlocks are down her back
Since Dreadheads, also known as people with dreadlocks are in a subculture of their own, I have decided to make my blog about them. But first, let me give you a little background: my mother has had dreadlocks for more than 10 years now. I can remember when i was younger her hair being very dry and I also remember those days where she would complain about her hair being un-tameable. She never seemed to like the outcome of getting it professionally styled and when she did, the style only lasted a few days. It never seemed to grow and looking back, she never, ever had a lot of hair. It was never long and in my personal opinion, was never pretty and full of life. So one day she came home with these little squiggly things in her hair and told me that she was starting dreadlocks. I didn't understand exactly what they were then, but, my my my what a difference a few years make.

Over the years, I have struggled with my 3 year old daughters hair. It is very, very dry. I'm not talking about dry but more like the Sahara Desert dry. Dry like 'who does this kid belong to dry' because surely she's not mine, I have curly, pretty, shiny hair. I have tried different hair greases, pomades, lotions, miracle creams and dare I say it, a texturizer in her hair!! I have tried putting it in little pony tails so that I could see where the grease was going & staying. Nothing seemed to work to combat her dryness plus I was having a problem making it grow!!     

My 3year old with a texturizer
My 3year old with her little pony tails
                                                                                I said to my mother one day, "I don't understand why all my children have nice hair and Carieamore's (my 3 year old) is un-manageable". She simply stated "chile she got hair like me so u better learn how to manage it, deal with it and make it work for you and her"!!!!!!!!!!
So on that day, wayyyyy back in June I started dreadlocks and I must admit, just like the style worked for my mother, it has also worked for both me and my daughter. Gone are the days of dryness, crying because I'm pulling it too tight and lord knows I save a bunch of money not having to buy hair grease and lotions. The best part is it looks healthy and is starting to grow.

a very, very close-up of Carieamore's hair

Every now and again I will get someone who stops me and asks me why did I decide to dreadlock my daughters hair?? And my answer is: To Dread or Not To Dread was NEVER really a just seemed like the right thing to do!!!!!


  1. I think dreading is a great natural alternative to chemically treating unmanageable hair. especially in children. Like you said it can be quite painful for a child to have to be subjected to the pulling and tugging trying to get it to stay in place or simply trying to get a comb thru it. And as she gets older and decides that she wants a change she may have to start over but she has heathy hair when she does. plus look at the time it saves( i know your glad about that too!).

  2. I think dreads are cool and I agree that dreads are a great way to save, money and time. I also think dread are much better for hair instead of being straighten frenquently and having a lot of chemicals places in it. You may have not of thought you daughter had nice hair according to today's society but you got to ask yourself what is nice hair? hair is hair at the end of the day, some of us have hair some of us don't, some of our hair is curly, some is not. All hair is beutiful in my opinion.

  3. I can totally relate to the hair issues, especially in toddler girls. Having a two year old myself, I can personally relate to your frustrations. Styling your little ones hair is a time consuming process that HAS to happen every day.( Long Sigh). Although I find dreads to be not only convenient, but also pretty to the eye; that isn't a route I would ever consider for my child. Dreadlocks are just what they sound to be; literally locks of hair that can only be reversed by cutting the hair from the roots. I find that to be a little too permanent for my child. So my decision would be not to dread.

  4. I personally like dreadlocks on any person. Boy, girl, white, black, etc. I never knew though, that having dreads makes your hair healthier. I think they look really cool, but I also think what happens when you no longer want dreads? Do you have to chop them all off? I don't know, hahaha, I just thought this was realy interesting, especially now knowing a 3 yr old is rocking dreads! :D

  5. I never knew why some people would get dreadlocks, whether it be for style or easier hair management, but now I know. It sounds very beneficial though since it saves money and helps her hair grow! Perhaps overtime your daughter's hair texture would change? I believe it's possible, since my hair used to be very smooth & straight when I was younger then eversince I was 10, my hair became wavy and frizzy.

  6. Unfortunately, when my daughter decides that she longer wants dreads, she will have to cut her hair off from the roots and start over unless she has allowed it to grow without getting it re-twisted. The part that has grown out, and is not locked already will be her starting point. Also, dreadlocks is exactly what it sounds like: locked hair, most times resembling strings of yarn twisted together. I knew that doing this blog would cause some likes and dislikes, but I did for Carieamore what I felt was reasonable and best for her hair according to its texture! Its not a style you see on children often, but its simply another way of styling the hair nonetheless.

  7. I too can relate to the extremely dry hair issues. I have had very think, dry and frizzy hair my entire life. When I was little I would literally run from my mom when it was time to brush my hair out because it really is painful to have someone yanking at your head...not to mention it was painful for her to do all of that brushing! I cannot tell you how many products and techniques I have tried to tame my mane and nothing seems to help. The only solution I have found is to use a flat iron to calm it down. Unfortunately, I am only making it worse in the end since the iron is drying it out even more. Maybe one day I will have the courage to try dreadlocks; I really do love the look!

  8. I really liked this post because you have given me an insight on how I can help my ypunger sister. Her hair is extremely dry to wear I have to grease it atleast 3 times a week to prevent her scout from turning while from the dryness and flakes. I think dreads is a part our culture as African americans. I always thought they were beautiful and alot easier to deal with. Im sure her hair will grow to be very healthy and she will thank you one day!