Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I AM THE 99%

 By Charnay Wilson

I am living though a time when major events that will probably be in my daughter text books are taking place. Around the world there are many people protesting about the issues that they have with the 99% and 1% ratio. They are camping out in major places around the United States, hoping that it will make a change. They believe that the 99% (Upper Middle, Middle, Working, Working Poor, and Underclass) should have the same abilities and wealth of the 1%(Upper Upper, and Lower Upper Class).
The Upper Class people have lots of money, and everybody knows that with money comes respect and power.  The 1% has very strong political power and if they are living the way that they want to live then they are not going to sacrifice their living circumstances for other people.  That’s simply the picture that they have painted and will continue to paint for the years to come.
When it comes to certain situations the Upper Class always have the upper hand. They have the resources and the power to get out of most situations legally and financially. Most people in classes under them despite them and the things that they stand for. I personally believe that the Upper Class are all for themselves. Most of them believe that they worked hard for what they have, and some of them fail to realize that the wealth that they obtain was handed down to them. They may work hard to keep what they have, but they did not come from rock bottom and work as hard as the 99% that are trying to make it there.    

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  1. Really, the problem isn't the fact (or supposed fact) that people have things handed to them, but rather the fact that the wealthy in this country have seen an enormous increase in living standard while other in the middle and working classes have seen none. Right now "wealthy" implies having hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars in assets and liquid money. At the same time, $60k is still considered a nice middle class salary-- the idea is ridiculous.