Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Prison or Buisiness?

By: Damon Allen
Over the years i heard terrifying and horrifying stories about prison. Over and over again I hear stories of inmates fearing for their life, getting no attention from correctional officers or wardens, and being taught nothing to rehabilitate their selves. And that’s when i ask myself isn't the reason for prisons is to help one rehabilitate their self? but instead of inmates being help they are being pushed away, which cause inmates to come right back to incarceration after their release in most cases.
 That’s when I ask myself is prison rehab or business? I think business, why else wouldn't prisons help inmates rehabilitate themselves and why is there more laws being created and prison time for certain times being increased, prison makes million or maybe even billions of dollars a year off of prisoners, their food, phone calls and more.
According to www.cnn.com. There are more than 2 million inmates serving time in the United States, and America has the world's highest incarceration rate, and the revolving door helps keep those prisons packed: A 2002 study by the Federal Bureau of Justice Statistics found that 52 percent of released convicts were back in jail within three years.
I think people in charge of prisons should focus more on helping inmates fit back in society. Or prisoners should take it upon their self to help one another in prison with their problems and start a rehabilitative tactic on their own to help start put an end to this so called business.


  1. For the question "prison or business"? I would say both.I do feel prisons make alot of money of of inmates, but I also feel that in most cases inmates are too far gone to be rehabilatated. In this world there will always be good and bad people and it depends on the person to accept the help being given. I would assume even if the prison invested in more programs it could never compare to a life time of pain. Some people just love breaking the law. I do feel prison play a role in the destruction of our society but I feel community and envirment is way more deadly.

  2. I agree with the blog if prisoners were being helped and not being contained like wild animals they wouldnt be going in and out jail. However the system is made for buisness which is a cruel act.

  3. I believe that prisons are nothing more then business, i say that because most prisoners shouldn't be in prison rather a real rehab placement, but because a lot of judges have share in these institutions they are sent there to rot and learn how to become better criminals that is what jail does in my opinion. we have a revolving door policy in the U.S. which mainly means once your in the system you are always there and labeled and there aren't to many opportunities to do well when you get out. so in short its a business that keeps on giving , to its self

  4. i posted business that keeps on giving to itself

  5. Great topic.I am going to have to agree with you Damon that prison is more like an business. Prisons are suppose to help prisoner get better, but now there used as a holding ground for people who can function right in society. Also when these people get out of prison its hard for them to find a job, so then they start doing illegal actively because no one wants to hire someone that when to prison. If they do get caught they will be thrown back in prison again and the whole cycle will start over. But another problem now is that judges and law officials can invest in prisons. Its sad to say that some of these "law abiding citizen" may be crooks, and only putting these people in jail to make a little extra money in there pockets.

  6. I agree. I feel like the prison system really could care less about inmates. Sure maybe some with actual, horrible crimes deserve that kind of treatment, but what about the ones with simple, or small crimes? I think it's a good thing that we have half-way houses however, because I personally know someone who has benefited from living for a few months in a halfway house. if you don't know what one is, a halfway house is a place an inmate serves the remainder of their sentence if they are let go due to good behavior etc. it's a place they stay t get back into the real world, find a job, interact with society again. i think a halfway house is a good step into the real world, before actually doing it straight from prison.