Thursday, April 14, 2011


By: Haneefa Robinson

     Bullying is an act of violence and a form of abuse. It is repeated acts over time attempting to create and/or enforce one's person power over another. It is an issue that is not always looked upon. Therefore, I decided to talk about the issue for my organic post. It seems as though no one ever puts themselves in the person's shoes and want to lend out their hand for help. Being bullied can make a child feel sick and unwanted.

Most people see being bullied as being weak. Although, that is not always the case. In some cases the bully is smaller than the person they are bullying. Sometimes that person just may always be quiet, therefore the bully may feel that they are superior of the other and in that case can "beat" them. In this video the one being bullied is in fact bigger than his bully, and he has become fed up and has had enough.
  According to a survey released by Josephson Institute, states that 50% of high schoolers have admitted to have been bullied or been the bullier. That's half and outrageous! Researchers surveyed 43,321 teens aged between 15 to 18 from 78 different public schools and 22 private schools about bullying. Frightfully, around 24% feared school and find school unsafe and an unhappy place to be. While 28% of students (37 percent of boys and 19 percent of girls) felt violence was ok in school. The problem is, violence isn’t just limited to verbal threats anymore. The study found that 52% had physical reaction of anger in the past year. The study doesn’t get any better either. The bully study showed that 10% of students studied had carried a weapon to school.
      In conclusion, school is not a place to tease or pick on others, it is in fact, a place to learn. It should be the one place kids can go and not have to "watch their backs". Being bullied is a serious issue, and it extremely affects the person that the act is on. People should not one to bully others,instead they should want to find a common ground with poeple they dislike and be civil. I guess life is not perfect and that's too much to ask for in today's society.


  1. Great post Haneefa! I totally agree with you when you said that bullying hasn't been brought to light as an issue. This is something that has probably been going on forever and with the constant incline of young children using the internet, I would imagine that bullying is getting worse everyday. Children who are in the confort of their own home now have the ability to sit behind a screen and make people feel horrible. And I can't believe that 10% of students carry a weapon to school. We should have an empathy class for children or a hate free class in schools, maybe that would help make a difference.

  2. I have to agree with Jennifer, this is a great post! I also definatley agree that the issue of bullying needs to be more talked about. It is incredible that 10 percent of kids carry a weapon, as a parent we should feel safe leaving our kids in school but now in days we be lucky to feel safe at home. I think the government should atleast put metal detectors even in elementary schools. Even though it sounds crazzy atleast they have a better chance of catching any weapon that is brough in to the school. Anyway once again great post Haneefa!

  3. Thank the both of you! Yes I was astonished to see that ten percent of kids felt that they needed a weapon to take to school as protection, as young as ELEMENTARY SCHOOL that`s sad. I also was watching a clip on the news a few months back that I was unable to find, that staged two kids pretending to be bullying, one the bully and the other was being bullied, in front of a store and people walked right by! When as why they didn`t help, they simply responded they thought someone else would help. That`s crazy