Monday, April 18, 2011

Why is money more important than human life

by Daniel Augustin

It seems like the people in power in America value  money over human life. Healthcare has rapidly turned into a luxury that most can't afford. How long can you live without being in good health? Why stress where is the money to fund healthcare for all ? The people in the government should say  let's save lives.  I' ve decided to use one of the most influential republican in the house of representatives out of Texas M.D. Ron Paul. 

In Both interviews Paul is against health care for all, he argues down and only bring negative points supporting his position .  Ron Paul feels like that health care is not a government issue and  feels that it denies freedom in this country, if the goverment interferes with the health care situation. Ron Paul doesn't like the idea of taking from the wealthy to make all healthy. Not only does certaint government offical feel money is more important than a person . In a hit song named " Money on my mind"  rapper lil Wayne states " New Orleans my birth place where money is more important than a person ."

I think its sad to see what the world has come to , how come were not wise enough to pick life over a piece of paper? I feel health care for all is a great idea. We are all  past due. I'm a victim of not having insurance it really affects my life and i can bet im not 100% because of it. Instead of seeing Obama is ruining this country i feel like he s trying to expand our lifespand.

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