Monday, April 18, 2011

Religion, Good or Bad?

by: Anthony Sanchez
   For many years I have struggled with religion for various reasons, but mostly due to the many unexplained ideas various religions share. To me what might be the work of  "God" for others, is not very imaginable and possibly a work of fiction with out any real evidence. But, I am not a person that doubts any possible existence, I am, like I am sure many others are, a doubter and a person in need of facts and I double guess everything.
    Religion has ruled the world for many years, regardless of how laws are suppose to be. It is fact that politicians through-out the world use religion to their advantage when necessary; and many places around the world continue to this day to completely place their way of life on the word of their chosen faith.
    But, is placing your life in the words of books written centuries ago, where a different lifestyle was lived, appropriate or a hindrance in moving forward and accepting life as it is today. In the documentary "Religulous" by Bill Maher, it follows him across the globe as he attempts to learn the reasons behind why so many people follow and base their thoughts on these ideas that were written so many years ago. He uncovers the flaws, and hypocrisies many leaders show; and basically asks the for the simple answers to Who, What, When, Where, and most importantly Why?

I live my life everyday with a respect for the people that walk around me, regardless of their opinions, color, or any lifestyle they choose to live, but I have always felt the same way, although my biological parents would have me think otherwise. I have never thought religion was necessary to tell me that. But do you? How important is the role of religion in the way you think? Do you treat people differently because of the ideas? Do you feel religion is a hindrance?

Here you will find the last few minutes of the documentary "Religulous," by Bill Maher, where he sums up his personal biased thoughts on what he found during his excursion around the world.

Unfortunately this video is not allowed to be embedded by the provider, but follow the link to sum up this blog post :)

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