Monday, April 18, 2011

Health Insurance and Why Costs are High

By Lynzee Coble

As I mentioned in class, an episode of "This American Life" just had a section of their show that discussed the doctors role, the insurers role, and what you can do personally to keep the costs of health care down. There is almost always a generic version of a drug you're prescribed, and it costs you, and your insurer's costs down. You can listen to the episode here.
The rest of the podcast includes a story about familial relationships, another about false confessions, and one about divorce, issues i'm sure we can all relate to.

Also, to hear past episodes about almost anything and everything you could ever imagine and plenty of things relating to sociology, check out and look through their radio and tv archives.

1 comment:

  1. I really like your selection to talk about health insurance. I'm a victim of no health insurance, so reading and viewing the video clips really hit home to me. I just got a new job and my boss said you can get insurance but it will cost 25 dollars out of your paycheck. This is a major problem in the united states, why is money valued more than human life.