Thursday, April 7, 2011

Culture and Socialization

By: Jessica Diaz

Culture is a way of life that humans develop and pass on from generation to generation. Socialization is the way in which we develop through interactions with others, and how to relate to other people in society. Culture and socialization can play a big part in a child’s attitude and behavior. Children watch the way that people around them behave and interact with one another and these actions influence the way that they will behave as they grow up.
Children learn from adults around them about what's right and wrong. Being a good role model is important, even if you don't have kids.  Children model their parents all the time on their thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. Their personalities are shaped by their experiences and if they experience negativity, it will affect them in some way.  

Always be aware of the choices you make, and how you conduct yourself because children learn by watching and repeating everything. The point is to be careful what you show your children because they will imitate what you do and even what you say. The only way to create a better world is to teach our children about our mistakes to prevent them from happening. Children are our future and we can start to make this world a better place by teaching our children to appreciate others and ourselves.

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  1. Interesting video. I agree that elders should think before their actions when their around children because like you said culture and socialization contribute to children's behavior and attitude. I think as role model to young children we really need to show them example between right and wrong so then one day they won't discriminate other of different race and to respect others the same way they would want to be respected.