Saturday, April 16, 2011

Does Appearance Matter?

Carl Roberts

Is There Cliques For Everyone?
            The question sounds so easy to reply to but, the answer is no. Cliques are filled with people that share the same ideas, clothes and even morals. But is there something for everyone out there in the world I doubt that. Sometimes people values and ideals are sometimes too radical and right-winged and nobody will follow them but the creator. Even if their ideas are comprehendible and sensible there approach to project their message is comically at best and appearance is deceiving. In this link I have just off appearance alone would you follow his beliefs?

         His name is Jimmy McMillan. He’s a politician for a new politically party which is called “The Rent Is Too Damn High”. His message is very understandable helping out the helpless; also helping people that are hard workers in America that are under appreciated. Jimmy McMillan most of all wants to help the kids. His ideas make so much sense to me as a son of a parent that work hard and the bills were still uneasy to pay from month to month. Also in today’s society the messenger is viewed not by his message, but by his appearance. 
         With that being said would people seriously listen to his views on the government and the policies they partake in. No this one man clique or party more or less in viewed as a joke with no politically knowledge, but a gimmick. This politician is a Republican, and he wants reform and change that will affect the rich people and benefit the middle class. But his messages are being misconstrued and joked at (I think) and his overall messages will not be heard, because his appearance matters too much to people.  


  1. Sa'ood Abdul-BasitApril 16, 2011 at 11:58 PM

    Interesting example on how apereance effects the way people are viewed so far as seriousness.
    Personally, I feel there are so many politicians who are insane mentally but do to their aperance being acceptable by society standards most people seem to miss it.

  2. Your blog post is totally true because i do feel as though people often judge people on their appearance before they get to know them. Judging people by their appearance before getting to know is not a good choice cause in the outcome you don't know this person and the person can be the total opposite of what you think which are most of the results when judging a book by its cover come in play. So take the time out to understand a person get to know them and listen to what they have to say before judging. Great post