Thursday, April 14, 2011


By: Haneefa Robinson

     Eduaction is defined as any act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character or physical ability of an individual. In the simplest sense it is the formal process of learning. Education consist of  pre-school, elementary shool, high school, college, and technical institutions. In these environments, the learners should feel comfortable and be eager to learn. Through education is how we as a whole learn the essentials of life through math and reading: such as how to write our names and how to count to ten.
     These learning environments should be equal for all and be a safe place for the learners. When these environments are not equal for all and a safe place for the learners, then the learning process is affected. It may become hard to focus or to the extreme: cause the learners not to even want  to attend. According to the article, "School conditions threatened children's health" concludes that, 55 million children attend k-12 schools with poor air quality, mismanaged hazardous chemicals and other unhealthy conditons, that makes the children sick and handicap their learning ability. Below is the link to the article.

 In this very same article is a picture of a summer classroom for students with autism and emotional disabilities in horrible conditions. It was later renovated. When looking at the picture I became furious. The School Board should be ashamed to even let the children attend. I personally would give the children and automatic A+ for having to endure such conditions. I feel as though schools should be in tip-top shape to assure that the children are getting the best education available.

     Education is the most important aspect in today's society. It is a fundamental building-block for human development.  It is not always considered to be, but it should. It is not something that should be swept under a carpet when it is not in the best condition. Instead it should be top priority. It is the key to maintaing a healthy and successful life.


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