Thursday, April 7, 2011


By: Stephanie King

Gender roles were defined as expectations regarding the proper behavior attitudes, and activities of males and females.The roles of females and males are taught to be different but if the way we are taught is not followed its weird or strange to society. Females are taught to be gentle and courteous and males are taught to be strong and rough.Therefore if a male is working as a hairstylist or a female as a construction worker to society takes that as being out of the norm.

When gender roles are reversed it may seem strange but if  it was to happen I think the opposite gender would see and appreciate the opposite gender. Such as if a women is taught to be the one the stays home cook and clean and tend to the kids, thats actually a hard job and if a male was to do it I bet you the male would appreciate women more or vice versa. So think about it switch gender roles for a day

Here's a clip of students that pretended to switch roles

The traditional gender roles that society  has taught us are sometime not even noticeable except when something out of the norm is not followed like if a little boy is playing with a Barbie doll and a little girl is playing with a truck. Society has really played an influential part in gender roles.


  1. Haneefa RobinsonApril 8, 2011 at 3:03 PM

    I completely agree. I sometimes find it irritating of what characteristics society place on male and females. For example: males should wear pants and females should wear dresses and/or skirts. I personally do not like wearing dresses and to some people that is weird. I feel like it should be up to the individual to decide what is normal for him or her and NOT society!

  2. Brittanie DeShieldsApril 10, 2011 at 8:56 PM

    First I just would like to say nice post! I really enjoyed the youtube video. I found it very interesting to see the difference in the way the opposite genders played the opposite roles. While watching it I found it to be funny because were not used to seeing it that way in society. So to see them acting that way is something different but were all human just different body parts.

  3. I think that our society is moving towards a push of both genders being able to do anything the opposite can. My male friends and I cook dinner for several of our friends a few nights a week. Though that's me keeping with my gender role, cooking dinners, cleaning house and tending to my male room mates, I do it because I enjoy it, not because it's "women's work", and having a man help me defies his. At the same time, one of my male room mates is a textiles major and if anyone needs anything sewn, he's the go-to guy. I like to play contact sports while my boyfriend stays home to paint. As much as there still is an expectation on gender roles I think we're moving further away from it, and I think that the less we focus on what genders "do", we can just appreciate my good cooking and my male friend's awesome sewing for what they really are. Not a maintenance or defiance of gender roles.