Sunday, April 17, 2011

Socialization Methods

By: Elisa Ventura
Socialization is the process by which an individual learns the values, beliefs, and norms of given society. This process starts off when we are just infants. A baby is born with absolutley no knowledge, therefore it is by his/her suroundings how they learn from. There are many methods of learning good socialization, from those around the child, some of  which include these six:

Selective Exposure: It is a method that is used to control what type of influence you want the child raised around. Whether is beeing exposed to a positive influence or negative one. Of course it is best to have a positive influence, although it takes alot of work. It can be done!

Modeling: It is the second method of socialization. It means that the person beeing socialized, picks one of the people of his/her suroundings who they realy admire, and choose to be like that person.

Identification: This is a bit m more advanced then modeling. This is the process by which one learns more or lesss who they realy are and is going to become.

Possitive Reinforcement: Teaches one the different types of behaviors which are socially accepted and rewarded.

Negative Reinforcement: Teaches one, which behaviors are not accepted due to negative feedback.

Nurturance: Involves both negative and possitive reinforcement because it all depends on the feedback one gets back from another individual due to what is said.

The picture above is a good example of the modeling method. Kids always try to imitate their parents in the work field. As you see in this picture, the little boy is trying to represent his self as a proffesional just like his dad. This is the process in which helps the child who they will become in the future. It may not always follow the same foot steps, but it sure helps determine who they are.

In conclusion, all of these methods are a very important part in our lives. If we dint have any, we would not learn anything. Also we must remember that our children learn from us and despite the fact that we are not their only influence, we are the first teachers. Therefore we should try to make the best impact possible!

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  1. After reading this, I know I am a product of the Nurturance method. However, I use the modeling method to teach my little cousins how to compose themselves. Kids can't always be placed in controlled environments, so I think it is important they know how to behave.