Monday, April 18, 2011

Law Above The Law

Quiessence Royster 

   When we think of police officers we place positive connotations on their label. They are people we respect, depend on in tough situations, and set high expectations on. Most of the time when we hear about police action its about a police officer either being a hero or a victim; but what about the times police officers are the actual criminal?

          Approximately 6,000 cases of police misconduct has been recorded from April 2009 to June 2010. How many have you heard about? These types of police incidents aren't heard of too often. These incidents are often covered up and for the times they do become public numerous justifications are made for the police officer(s) involved. Below are some more statistics......   

          Police are supposed to protect and serve not harm and kill. I understand that police officers have to protect themselves and granted some people are very dangerous which may cause police officers to use deadly or harmful force but there are numerous cases where they have gone overboard. For instance.....

          The man below is 26 year old Estaben Caprio. He has been charged and sentenced to life for the killing of a detective with his own gun. After the incident occurred Caprio escaped from the holding facility. A short while later he was apprehended but this is how he looked after his encounter with the police........

          Some may argue that Caprio deserved his beating or he caused his beating by his behavior but what about an innocent 15 year disable boy?Below is a video explaining the horrific act of brutality against a 15 year old special needs boy inside his high school The boy was not acting out or doing anything that police rules would say is okay to act in such a manner.

          The cases above are the bare minimum of acts of police brutality. There are many cases that result in death. Rules are set for police officers and they should be followed. If these rules are broken they should be punished accordingly. However, just as much as we don't hear about these cases are just as much as we don't hear about police officers being punished for them. They seem to be above the law.

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  1. Interesting post Quiessence. I can't believe how that 15 year old special needs child was brutally attacked and beaten right there in school. Thats so disturbing. Police are supposed to be the people who keep us out of harms way. I didn't know that there was that much misconduct going on with police officers but the rate of their convictions is actually believable. It is sad how some people act once they have been given authority.