Monday, April 18, 2011

Social Class & Health

By: Elisa Ventura
It is sad to say that our health will normaly depend on social class. We all know that if you are from a poor family the last thing on our parents minds are our health. It is not their choice of course; it is only because they are too bussy worieng about paying bills and keeping their jobs. Furthermore, a wealthy person has a whole lot more access to good health care unlike the poor who don’t have as much.
According to, Hardvard University Researchers, crunched 40 years of U.S census data to reveal that the gap in death rate between the poor and the rich Americans has nearly doubled since 1980. In fact, people who earned 36,000 or less a year in 2000 faced a 64% chance of early death than those in a household bringing on 101,000 a year. It is also shocking to know that, to predict a person’s health the primarly question one would ask is “what is their social class.” I find this very disturbing.
Both of these pictures represent a healthy eating place vs. a not so healthy one. As we all know most poor people can’t afford to buy at a whole food. Nutriciouse food is highly expensive therfore; the poor class normaly has no choice but to buy from these non healthy restaraunts.

In conclusion, something should be done so that we are all equal in health and in many more things. As we know the way the sytem works, it would never be equal but those who care we can try to make a difference.

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  1. I have to say I diagree with these opinions and observations on what poor people versus wealthy people can afford to eat.I think people have the wrong perception of eating healty in the first place. One could sit down and prioritize there budget according to there monthly expenses on food. If eating healthy is a high priority to the individual,then accomodating there finances to that lifestyle shouldn't be a problem. There are many resources to support my theory. There are always sales and coupons offered in the weekly ads at any local food market. There are also an abundance of newly found websites that offer coupons and even free samples top many products.That being said a bag of Herrs chips costs up to $4, while a fruit and cheese platter from strabucks only costs a dollar more.I think money isnt the real issue here, but a matter of knowing where and how to find affordable food.~Rosalia Gentile