Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Value of Status in Society

Patricia Pluta

     Are we placing our adoration and expectations in the wrong people? It seems in America our system of classifying status is by money, beauty and popularity. We only admire what is on the surface. Until values are redirected, Paris, Britney and Lindsey are the role models kids look up to.Our children strive to be like them. Their status is completely askew. We need to see some Nobel Peace Prize winners in the limelight versus socialites. We can strive to attain what they have, but by different means. Our society places unrealistic expectations at the feet of our youth.
     As long as we idolize people for wealth, looks and status-we tell our kids that this is what makes a succesfull human being. The prestigious one percent of our society is not where we should look to for a fufilling, realistic life. Status is defined as "the honor or prestige attached to one's position in society." Perhaps we should give the next reality show and million dollar check to educators and volunteers in this country, maybe then the consumer driven society we live in will shift a bit in the right direction. I hope for my nieces sake that we start to place more emphasis on brains and character instead of beauty and status. Am I wishful thinking?


  1. I agree with you 100%. I blame society for steering our kids in the wrong direction. Idolizing people for their fame and fortune is not what we should teach our kids. I also have a niece and I wouldn't want her to be or act like Paris and Lindsey because that's not Lady Like or being a strong woman.

  2. Kandace Clark

    Well put Patricia, I couldn't agree with you more. It is sad the way society has shaped over the past few years. There are plenty of celebrities, or people like you and me who sustains good character in society, but to no avail they do not get reconized because of the overpowerment of society standards of "being cool".

  3. The first step is getting rid of cable TV in your own home. I have gotten rid of cable since I'm raising my 8 year old daughter. Instead of being pumped full of news, shows, & commercials whose designs are based on sociological studies in order to prey on our desires & prejudices she now thrives on cooking shows, travel shows, painting & sewing shows, & nature programming.

    On top of that "I'm" not bombarded with the bought & paid for screaming heads that make up the extremely biased modern US News Media who above all preys on & exploits us based on our cultural prejudices & stereotypes.

    Try antena TV. I have over 9 PBS ... that's NINE Public Broadcasting Service channels loaded with excellent programming in my home for free ... & I also get to watch "Two & a Half Men" on channel 17.


  4. Astrid Beato

    I agree with you all the way. Society is changing, it is not about what people accomplish and what are successful. Is all about looks and popularity. For example, in this year when Rutgers University paid Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi from the reality show "Jersey Shore" more than Toni Morrison a Nobel Prize winner in Literature. Yeah celebrities may attract more the public's attention but what Snooki said is it positive towards society or would Mr. Morrison would have said something more... genuine.
    Remember people "study hard but party harder" (Polizzi)

  5. I agree with you because there are kids that look at celebrities and try to do what they do not understanding that they have the money to do so. Kids look up to celebrities because of their styles and popularity. Society is changing rapidly and we need a change for the better.

  6. I agree but disagree. I think this is where parenting takes a substantial role. If you do not want your children to grow up like Paris or Lindsey you must intervene, teaching your children to use their judgement independent from society. Being rich and having money doesn't always have to be only the role models of our youth (hopefully)

  7. I completely agree that parents are critical in their childrens lives, but they go to school 99% in the mainstream and peer pressure is very real and powerful.

  8. The power of the Mainsteam is mostly all peer pressure and parents.You tell your child not to and then you do it, right in front of them ok mom and dad .Don't you ever let me see you do this ,and as soon as they turn their back the Tv tells you it ok to. want no body see or hear