Friday, May 27, 2011

Pros/Cons of Being in an "In-Group" or an "Out-Group"

By: Kristoff Crawford

       Power is having authority or control over a situation and/or people. Privilege is a special advantage enjoyed by a particular group. Oppression is exercising authority or power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner. Power, privilege and oppression, are all factors of the “in group.” Being rich and popular are also factors. Skin color can sometimes determine if you are part of the “in group” or “out group,” depending on other factors.

        Having colored skin is a disadvantage in America, therefore if you are a “colored” person, white people have more power than you. However, if you have light skin, it is an advantage. This privilege allows people to be more trusted, accepted, and easily assimilated with the dominant group. Other privileges include education level and sex. Education level can determine what kind of life you will have, as far as where you live and what schools your children attend. Depending on the situation being a female or male could determine if you are apart of the “in group” or “out group”
Being in the “out group” also has factors. Theses factors include age, physical ability, ethnic, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, poor education and low income. 
The “out group” has its pros and cons. Pros include not being followed by paparazzi and being able to live a private life because if you are a celebrity, you are automatically apart of the “in group,” since you are popular and would not be able to live a private life. The cons of the “out group” include, not being able to have the same privileges as everyone else, such as being able to live a nice neighborhood that allows your children to attend the best schools.
The “in group” also has its pros and cons. Pros include being able to support yourself and your family with not only necessities, but also wants, being recognized by everybody, and living in a great neighborhood that allows your children to attend the best schools. The cons are trying to be “perfect” because you never know who is watching and also everyone knows your business, if you are a celebrity.
Some people may enjoy being in either groups. The pros and cons determine what group you are in. However, it is sometimes something that you cannot control.

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  1. By not being in control of where you end up can make some people feel like it's not worth trying a lot of things that are met for a certain group. If everyone felt this way then there would be a lot of racial barriers or social statuses not broken through