Friday, May 20, 2011

Mainstream Society...I can't keep up!

   By: Marnita Thomas

   When has it become a social norm to owning a expensive cell phone and having a Facebook account? Mainstream Culture has a changed dramatically since I was growing up( The early 90's) and quite frankly, I can't keep up!
 So here's my story...

 I'm on my break one day and I run across an old friend of mine. We start catching up and I ask her for her phone number to keep in touch. She blurts of "Girl, Facebook me". I look at her and say, Uh, I don't have a Facebook. She laughs and say, "What? everybody has a Facebook". She pulls out her "iPhone" and dials my number. When I grabbed my phone, she busts out laughing! "What is that contraption?" My cell phone, I respond. "Oh God, you really need to get with the program".

Okay so what my phone is kinda old, but at least it works! I find it hard to wrap my head around the frenzy that people go through. Just to receive the newest sleeker version of the cell phone they already own.

For example -this is just ridiculous, and I don't get it!

Its every where!

Gone are the days when you asked someone for their phone number and they actually wrote it down. Gone are the days when you run home to get that important phone call you did't want to miss. Why do that when its so convenient to have a $500 phone in your pocket!? Technology is forever evolving and I guess I need "To get with the program".

In high school it was "My Space" now its "Facebook". As soon as I get hip to the Facebook. People are telling me its all about "Twitter". Then when I finally sit down to try to compose a tweet. I receive a text message from my friend inviting me to come "Tango"? (what the heck is Tango? somebody please comment and let me know) No matter where you go you can't escape it. Technology is among us. You either get with it, or get left. Why do people feel the need to buy these outrageously expensive gadgets? Or check their Facebook account over 15 times a day? Is it to obtain some kind of social status? Or just wanting to be accepted amongst their peers.

I know culture varies over time, for example Facebook again
Do you have a facebook?

As of July 2010 study ranked Facebook as the most used social network. Accumulating more than 600 million active users monthly. Proclaiming Facebook the largest social network in the world! I would say that's a pretty dominant culture.

I'm really not too much a fan of the of the way times have changed. I honestly missed the days when if I wanted to talk to my best friend I would simply call her or go see her. Now my best friend would rather text message me a whole conversation! Before she would physically hand me a invitation to her birthday party. Now she would much rather inbox me about it on Facebook.

I know Technology has its pros and cons, and I'm trying to adapt, but if somebody else walks up to me. Then laughs at my 2 year old phone that only talks and text, than Mainstream society....we gone have a problem!!!



  1. Astrid Beato

    I like how you use your personal experiences in the explanation of the change of technology and how people socialize. I can totally relate; my family and friends text me and chat when we are in the same room or a room apart . It's kinda funny how now-a-days we prefer to chat and text than talk on the phone or met up personally.

  2. Marceline A Bien-AimeMay 24, 2011 at 9:49 AM

    By Marceline A Bien-Aime

    I agree with everything you are saying, even my mother made a facebook to keep up with all of her family members. Instead of exchanging phone numbers people always say what is your name on "FB".... It does get quite frustrating that nobody wants to have a typical conversation on the phone and that we have to keep up with people through FB... I guess we just have to keep up with society. However I do love texting :-)