Friday, May 20, 2011

Social Norms, Change, & Technology

By: Darnetta O. Matthews

Social Norms are unwritten rules in That societies live by,such as

excusing yourselfto have a private conversation

or speaking at a low tone as not to bother others.

In todays society more often than not you see people with cellphones.

 I have been privy to all kinds of infromation from total strangers, talking

 very loudly and discussing private matters. 20 years ago cellphones

were futuristic, when you were in someones company if a private call

came in you would more than likely excuse yourself, however in todays

world it seems to be the "norm" everyone on phones and speaking about

anything. When I was coming up it was rude to disturb others with this type

of behavior, and family and private business was just that. With that being

said will there be a place for these "private conversations" and will today's

society take anvantage of it?

Change is constant, and in a constantly changing world we must change

with the technology. They have newer and better phones coming out all the

 time so I guess we can look forward to "norms" changing, technology improving,

 and more information being shared wether you want it or not.


  1. I really understand the issue you are referring to. I believe that those people who are so rude as to talk so loudly so that everyone can hear their call are searching for attention. Those people want to recognized, they are reaching out to society for approval. Cell phones in this society has become the norm, so now people who have felt superior at one time now fell inadequate.

  2. I agree as well about people who have loud conversations on their cell phones in public just want attention. I take the bus to school and just about every day I can hear either an argument or just a very loud gossip session going on. To give an example of the loudness I wear an iPod on the bus and I can still hear the conversations going on. I guess in time the new social "norm" will be to have the loudest conversations that you can in public and forget about the people that are sitting around you. This is what the world is now coming to.

  3. I think most people aren't aware of how loud there speaking and once made aware they tend to lower there voice. Keep in mind most public places are noisey so in order to be heard everyone is trying to speak louder than the next.

  4. Great Post ! I agree in todays society the norms differ from those years ago. When cell phones were not around private matter what kept just what they are called "private". With the invention of cell phones became more mobile, allowing people to take private converstaions along with them. This can be good and bad, bad because now everyone around can hear what matter we discuss. Not everyone had common courtsey of other around them , for example talking loud in public. Cell phones have created a differnt norm, making it okay to talk loud in public, answer your phone when ever and where ever.