Friday, May 27, 2011

Into the Dark Side

By: Kennia Martinez

We have all seen them. They interest us all yet, repel us with their style and ways. Who are these people who dare to be different  and at times, scary? They are the Goths, and I am sure at some point, we have all encountered them. The Goths or Gothic people are a counterculture against the ‘norm’. A counterculture, of course, being a subculture that is created against the values or beliefs of the dominant culture. Society looks down upon these unique people and find their style quite repulsive, and this causes stereotypes. A stereotype is a simplified judgment of a certain group of people that categorizes as something that they might not be and sometimes are not at all.

They are known for their dark clothes, heavy make up and depressive attitude. It first started as a form of music in the 1980’s in England and has since evolved into a form of expression, fashion, and music. In this picture below there are examples of the various stereotypes society has come to believe about Goth people. Like all stereotypes some may be true, but usually most are not, as shown in the picture. It is the style that scares others into believing such things. (See second picture) Fun fact: Goth is not a religion.

Above is a picture of  how a Goth is a counterculture. Obviously a human being, still her style sets off disapproval. Someone would remark her as a “weirdo” because it looks hot outside, yet there she is in a black dress. Other may say that she is a devil worshipper because they do not understand why someone “normal” would wear such a style. In truth, Goths embrace their difference and take pride in it. Furthermore, they believe in a darker view of the world, but that does not mean they worship the Devil. They see the world in a different perspective than everyone else. Some of the best ideas and people have come from seeing the world in a different perspective. Why judge what you do not understand? Has not history taught us many lessons in this field?

The next photo is of a friend of mine who is known to be Goth. Though her style may turn parents off you could not find a more loyal, funny person. People tend to judge her and her kind based on how she chooses to dress. She’s nothing like what society thinks of Goths: she doesn’t worship the devil, she’s not mean (unless provoked), she’s not evil (she’s actually very funny and a good friend), and she’s a normal human being.

My intake in Goths is that they have a different taste in clothes and music and maybe even beliefs (certain Goths), but this is the factor that makes them interesting. This counterculture is growing rapidly and society need to at least give them a shot. People will always break off from society, but remember they were once like you and me. And seriously stereotypes are most of the time wrong. Like these: Puerto Rican are crazy and will stab you, Jewish people are cheap, all Cuban men are controlling, men with clean finger nails are jerks, etc. As we know there’s an exception to all stereotypes. I take offense to being called crazy, when I’m not. So, next time when your ready to stereotype another group of people remember that you might be offending them and that your judging them without even knowing them. Besides, the weirdos make the best friends.


  1. I completely agree with everything you have said. People tend to judge others who are different from them. What may seem strange to them is normal to others. I like how the first picture lists all the misconceptions about goths, it shows that they aren't that much different as human beings and are just like everyone else they just have a different style about them but that doesn't make them bad people. Good job on your post I enjoyed reading it:)

  2. I do not agree with everything you said. Well every person is different, we cannot judge some who act weird or wear different type of cloths. Its their own choice how they want to look or how they want act. For example, my neighbor who 16 year old wear completely different type of dress. It is not like normal dress who people use. The neighbors around their house always comments about her. Like did she "dome" to wear long sleeves dress in summer time, wear black color most of the time, etc. People Judge too much about some one else even its not their business. In other side she is nice to all and involve with everyone but people talk differently when we left place. Only thing i hate about her she do not believe in god, always talk about dark evil stuff, how to hurt someone, etc.
    In my point of view i just leave it. It is not my business and It's not going affect me if some who act weird. I always tried to focus my life not someone else....

  3. I agree with your comment because there are a lot of people that stereotype others just because they are different from what they are used to being around. People need to see that everyone can't be the same and just because a person dress differently or do things differently does not mean they are bad people. We as people have to be more open minded when it we see someone that different in many was. We can't be so quick to judge others.

  4. Shanarra JohnsonMay 30, 2011 at 1:26 PM

    I agree with what you said because there are people who are quick to judge ohers without fully knowing them or their situatuon.I can tell you from personal experiecne i do it all the time its not on purpose but i still do it.Everyone judges people in their own way its like its unavoidable in todays society.We are so use to seeing everyone dressing and looking the same that when someone steps outside the box we look at them funny.

  5. Discrimination based on appearance is something that has held us back as a society for quite some time. People stand around on their high horse and judge others rather than treating each other as equals based upon appearance. Goths, Preps, Hipsters, Bohemians, "Suits", etc. These are labels that describe our outward appearance, but what do they really matter when it comes to the real issues that are at hand in the world? We should all stop judging each other, Goths included since they are the emphasis of this article, and get to know each other as individuals.

    If you want to pass judgment on someone's character, that's one thing. However, judgment upon one's appearance shows nothing but ignorance.

  6. Auriel GoldschmidtMay 31, 2011 at 2:48 PM

    I can take your topic to heart. I was one of only two goth kids in my catholic grade school. The preppy kids were scared of us just because we wore black and listened to metal rather than hip-hop. Teachers and parents assumed we did drugs because our style looked 'dark'. And even today im not able to embrace my style because of how the world views it, example; i love my hair purple, my employer not so much. Once got fired for dying my hair blue. It's my hair! But bills must be paid so im forced to conform to survive. I find that to be very messed up.

  7. I personally agree with anyone who says that you should never judge a book by it's cover or to not judge a person until you have walked a mile in their shoes. This holds true for people who decide to violate norms and stand out amongst what others view as weird. As human beings we all cast judgment on people one way or another and that's not right at all. Down the line or even now we could have friends or family that violate a norm or become a goth and would we then turn our backs on them and call them outcasts? Some may say yes and others will say no but the important thing to remember in all of this is that everyone expresses themselves in different ways and that's something that will never change.

  8. Katherine PeraltaJune 1, 2011 at 7:17 PM

    Kennia, you did a really good job with this blog post; you included many good points which I think are interesting. Yes, its true that many people judge without knowing that person; they just go with what they see but we have to deal with them anyhow. I don't think that goths break any norms,...I don't consider them outcasts either; they're just normal human beings like everyone one of us.

  9. this brings up a great concept just because they dress different does not mean you should stare or talk about them... as a Latina we are sometimes called SPICKS and if anyone knows what the word means it has nothing to do with Hispanics but people are fast to judge people without realizing the way it may hurt them just because they don't look or dress like you does not give you the right to talk about anyone..