Thursday, May 26, 2011

Status in a New World

By:  Tyree V. Reese

I hope to touch on a superficial topic such as ''Status'' in this blog, to hopefully figure out why so much enfacise is placed on something so materialistic in this society. The definition of Social Status is the honor or prestige,  attached to one's position in society (one's social position). I never seemed to understand why so much Status and time are given to some of the most trivial people. The people that American's place on pedestals and fawn over is completely beyond me. Those celebrities are so fake and superficial that they go to extremes to keep the public's attention if only for just a mere second. Americans run to stores that they can't afford to be seen in the same shoes, car or just possessing the same items as ''Celebrities''.

Our society is losing its ability to think on its own. The average American family is hurting with this rescission, yet more than most will spend money on item they know they themselves cannot afford, just to be able to say that they brought it. 

This is why I believe that other cultures are more advanced than ours mentally, because Americans spend way to much time looking at a persons social status and what that person owns instead of their real addition to society as a whole. We as a people are to wrapped up in materialism to see that were drowning as a society.  Can any help me to fully understand why Americans are willing to risk life and limbs to be the first to say ''I brought it!'' When will this society start to value real accomplishments instead of glorified stupidity? I really want to know am I alone here in thinking that society's views of Status are messed up?

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  1. I have to disagree with your post. Not only does American people willing to do anything to get their social status, but other people from other countries do the same as well. They want to be seen that they have a social status in their society. I have a Korean friend who told me that in Korean society, they are competing with each other on what they have. If someone in their community has a brand new for example 7 series BMW, the neighbor is going to buy the same level car or more than 7 series BMW. In addition, in the Korean church that he goes to every week, it is all about showing off of what they have. Everybody is driving expensive cars, all the wives going to wear expensive clothes and carry a brand name handbag such as Louis Vuitton, Burberry on their hand. Furthermore, in my country, Indonesia. Most people want to be known as someone who has social status. They do not want to be seen taking a bus because it shows that they do not have privilege for a car. It will lower their social status. Therefore, not only are Americans willing to sacrifice everything to have a social status, but most people in this niche call world are doing the same thing as well. It is just a matter how they control themselves and not being enslaved by social status.