Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Race and Ethnicity in the United States

By Xiuping Li
            The United States is a diverse country. Also, in the meantime, I know the United States is the third most population country in the whole world. However, The United States has six race, those are:white,American Indian and Alaska Native,Asian,Black or African American,Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander, and people of two or more races. Look at this picture, it shows us how's the race in the United States.


              In my opinion, there are many races in the United States, different race has different ethnicities.it's hard to aviod conflict between races. In fact, there are many examples in our life.Just like, when someone say you are black. what do you think in you mind? In addition, if you a new immigrant know little English. Some people such as the black people look down on you and treat you rudely. what do you feel? Now, let me show  you the radio about these.Perhaps you will know more about it.
                  In conslusion, it is a true thing that we can't aviod conflict between races. But we should try our best to solve this problems. In fact,we can commicate with different cultures, we can also learn different languages, too. Therefore, I think we can benefit a lot by live in such a good palce with different races.


  1. yes, I agree with your point that USA has different races and different people are treated differently. But this is not just in USA, it can be found every whwre around the world that if you are different, you will be treated differently depending upon how you are presented in that particular are or country by the people in power and by the media.

  2. I personally think we are more tolerant in urban communities since it is a melting pot of cultures. We are used to differences. I'm sorry if your experience has been negative while learning the language and culture, but there are a great many "good people" out there who will value your differences.

  3. We cant change people the way they think but can teach them a little more knowledge about culture and diversity. It is really up to them to have an open-minded on society. It sucks that sometime people get influence easy by media and etc.

  4. Shanarra JohnsonMay 26, 2011 at 7:52 AM

    I agree that the United States is very diverse but, i have to disagree with what you stated about it always being conflict among races because you can not blame the whole ethnic group for the ignorace of a few.its not just one race thats looked down on every race is in one way or another but as an African American I feel we relate more to how you feel because of what we have been through in the past. As you stated we do need to fix this issue because if not people will continue to be ignorant and will never learn to help out other races instead of looking down on them.

  5. Although the united states consists of a diversity of people , but we should not ignore the fact that certain people will always take themselves as superior to other races. The media or certain races should not determine or frown upon who we are in terms of race.