Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Value of Status in the Work Society

By: Deborah Crawford

     At work there is a corporate chain of command. You have the C.E.O., president, vice president, director, manager, assistant manager, supervisor, and the lead worker. There is an invisible law, the employer employee code. What ever your employer says goes. The C.E.O. controls the president, the president controls the vice president, etc.

     Plagiarism flies in the work industry. Bosses take credit for work that isn't theirs. You just saved the company 30 thousand dollars, you think you're on your way to a promotion. You hand your boss the sales receipt, and he tells you good job. You have high expectations. Two days later they announce over the intercom that you boss found a way to save the company money. Nowadays this happens all too often, and with the employer employee policy there is nothing that can be done.

      Companies go to the ends of the world to save a buck. These days bosses don't believe in workers compensation. In order for a worker to receive workers compensation there seems to be a never ending line of doctors one has to see. The moment after a worker is supposed to be at work the clock starts ticking. Generally there is a seven minute grace period, but walk into any office nowadays and there is close to no grace period, or no grace period at all. You will get deducted for being a minute too late to work, breaks, and even bathroom breaks.

     Businesses have become outrageous. It is their way or the highway, solely based on the need to make money.


  1. Gabrielle CecalaMay 22, 2011 at 8:26 AM

    This post was very well done ! I love the use of the comics and pictures. You are correct about businesses!, now - a - days there are just crooked.

  2. higher unemployment rates = fear in the workplace. No one wants to lose their job so I think employers are able to take advantage of that a bit.

  3. I think I work for the only company where this is reversed. My company is trying to save so much money that they don't even care if you show up for work. Leaving early is also an accepted practice now. My boss is trying to get the work of ten people out of only five people working. It is crazy what bosses will do to save a buck!

  4. This so true, in most work-places. Most businesses could care less about there employee's personal reason's for example: clocking in a couple of minutes late. There main focus is sadly, not about their employee's who help keep their business up and running, but about making and saving every dime they possibly can.

  5. Wow! You sound like you work for the same company as I do! In my opinion, it is really a sad day when companies put money ahead of employees! How do employers think they made all that money, by themselves? If your value your employers your company will prosper if you don't than your company will eventually fail! Great Job!

  6. This is so true,these days if you are a minute late it seems that it is a reason for the employers to deduct more time from your pay and worst if you have to work thru lunch and can't take a break/lunch, they still deduct that 30 mins. from you.

  7. Hans-Ethan HibbardMay 24, 2011 at 5:21 PM

    I agree with what you are saying. Unfortunately, you have to play by the rules until we are at the top of the ladder and can change things. I am a Service Industry Supervisor and I hate it when I have to stress to employees why it is important to come on time to work especially when they don't call me in advance. It is the most mundane part about my job. But the reality is that when they don't come on time, the preceding shift cannot leave until they arrive. Which effects service to the guests and the personal lives of the people that have to stay a few minutes later until relief arrives.

  8. Monique AndersonMay 25, 2011 at 2:58 PM

    Great job on this Deborah. I too worked for a well known company that cared very little or if at all about there employees. First off I worked outside in all types of weather, this company didn't even want to give us rain gear saying that it was not in the budget. They had a strict uniform policy and wouldn't even give us uniforms we had to pay for them out of our pockets along with medical. So I know a lot about company unfairness but it beats being unemployed