Thursday, May 26, 2011

Groups and Organizations

By: Shanarra Johnson

We as people don't realize how much groups and organizations effect our ever day lives. In almost everything we do a group or organization influence our decisions. Think about voting, when we vote we do so because the government says we should and the decision we make will effect our life. The goevernment is a organization designed to help the people.

Groups consist of two or more people who interact and share the same goals. We don't realize how much groups determine what we do. The power groups have over us is stronger than we think. Risky shift is when you do something with a group of people that you wouldn't do alone; its an effect groups have over us. For Example when im at a red light alone i wait for the light to turn to green to cross but, when its a group of people waiting and its no traffic and they cross and make it i hurry up and run across the street. I wouldn't have done it when i was alone especially since i was hit by a car im more cautious, but because the other people made it across i decided to take a chance.

The image below shows how a groups actions have an effect on others.

In Conclusion groups and organizations rule the world in there own way. We may not realize it or even want to admit it but we do not fully think on own everthing we do is influenced by something else.

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