Friday, May 27, 2011

Bureaucracy- Bad rap or full of crap?

By: Raimundo Rivera Jr.

I thought about what I would be posting for this particular idea and decided to shoot from the hip and be honest. To get started, here is the definition of Bureaucracy: 

Bureaucracy- A body of nonelective government officials,
                         An administrative policy-making group government characterized by 
                         specialization of functions, adherence to fixed rules, and a hierarchy of authority

                         A system of administration marked by officialismred tape, and proliferation

Now when most people read this, images of corporate suits and cubicles may come to mind while others may begin to see "The Man" and the system trying to oppress us. Aside from any political views we may have, this word "Bureaucracy" is a thought and in some cases an emotion provoking one. Is it those government officials "covering up" events and spinning stories to keep us in the dark? Or is it something else entirely? Here's what it really is:

"The purpose of a bureaucracy is to successfully implement the actions of an organization of any size (but often associated with large entities such as government, corporations, and non-governmental organizations), in achieving its purpose and mission, and the bureaucracy is tasked to determine how it can achieve its purpose and mission with the greatest possible efficiency and at the least cost of any resources."-Wikipedia

There you have it. Corporate, Government, Organization. All the words we have come to hate as freedom loving americans. Its hard to believe that it had a positive connotation before things started getting out of hand. Before you had to wait in line at PennDot for three hours or ever had the pleasure of waiting in the financial aid line or being on the phone with your friendly-neighborhood college.
What do you mean, "You can't find my verification worksheet"?!

He's having a great time isn't he? This is usually how we feel when we have a head-on collision with the charms of Red tape. So it turns out that maybe it isn't a good thing all the time. We may even hate it. But it does keep things running somewhat smooth and efficiently. It gets you in and out of the places you hate going to in the most effective way possible. So the next time you want to strangle a worker with a Twizzler, remember that they are all working to HELP you. Even if it doesn't seem that way. So I leave the decision up to you: 

Has "Bureaucracy" gotten a bad rap or is it just full of crap?

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